Belo Acne Pro Set Review

Good day, VanityFriends! How are y'all? I've been so busy as a bee these past few days because of undas. I went to my hometown to visit my dad at the cemetery and also my friends and family who are still alive yey haha!It was like a grand reunion again lol. Anyway, today I am so excited to share my experience using BELO ACNE PRO SET (facial wash, toner and pimple gel). When I first heard about this acne pro line from Belo Essentials, I got interested because they claim it can clear up pimpies in 3 easy steps (cleanse, tone, and applying the pimple gel).  I should have posted it last week but because nga I've been so busy with my birthday and what not so sorry na haha. Bee venom is one of the active ingredients of their facial wash, toner and pimple gel. **this what makes it special** hihi.

I had a severe pimple breakout specially on my jaw line, I found out that this is because of the whitening pills I'm taking which is PH338 (I will feature it here soon). Before we proceed with my review, I want to share what is pimple or acne?

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  1. Almost all teens get acne. It happens when an oily substance called sebum clogs pores. Pimples usually pop up on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Acne isn't a serious health risk, though severeacne can cause permanent scars. ( source: webmd )

Here is the picture of my Belo Acne Pro Set:

My review:

Facial Wash:

Thee facial wash works good on me. I feel that my face was totally cleanse with no harsh feeling. it feels very mild on face and good enough to treat the acne, the smell is so nice very mild and fresh. It's in a gel form so that's a plus for me. :) All in all the facial wash works good! It reduces the appearance of my acne.


The toner works good as well but this time the smell is a bit strong for me and it feels rough when you rub the cotton on face. I don't know why but in terms of cleansing this one works good too. I feel a little sting applying this toner but it helps in drying out my pimpies hehe.

Pimple Gel:

The pimple gel has a mild scent and I like the fact that one tube can last forever lol I mean it can last longer. Tip: use a cotton buds when you're applying any pimple gel or ointment to your face so you can avoid spreading the bacteria to other parts of your face. The pimple gel helps in drying out my pimpies but then it takes two to three days before it takes effect unlike the celeteque pimple corrector gel it takes effect overnight. (Still my favorite).

Where to buy?

Watsons, mercury drugstore and leading supermarkets..

Final Verdict:

 All in all Belo Acne Pro set is true to its claims. It did help in removing my acne. Here is the picture of my face after the treatment:

It leaves pimple marks huhu so my next journey is to erase those pimple marks. So stay connected! :)

4 star rating for this Belo acne pro set

Will make it five it their pimple gel is as past as celeteque.

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