Almost Christmas :)

It's getting cold at nights sweeties! I know all of us are so excited for this coming December and as early as now we can feel the cold breeze at nights. "Time for giving and receiving gifts again" lalalala :)

On my last post, you can see my review about Belo Acne Pro set which really helps me in clearing up my pimpies and I also mentioned there that I'm in search for a product that will help me get rid of dark spots and acne marks. I also mentioned in my past reviews that I won't be using any soap on my face again but then, I think I'm brave enough to give THIONEMAX A try to my face since it lighten up my skin especially my elbows and knees yey! If you have read the first part of my review about thionemax, you can see how amazed I am with the product so without further ado, let me share to you my whole experience using two bars of the soap.

Where to Buy?
Magic Potions Beauty Shop

They also have physical shops around metro :)

How much?

Is it effective?

Yes it is! I like the fact that it lightened my elbows and knees plus the fact that I've tried it on my face and it also lightened my dark spots and acne marks woohoo!!

Will I Buy again?
A big YES!!  A bar of the soap lasts for more than two weeks (135g).

Who do I recommend this soap?
I highly recommend this soap to those filipino/filipinas out there who wants to achieve whiter skin in a very fast way. Specially for morenos and morenas out there. This soap is a must try (miracle)

Here is my before and after picture:
( I took a picture before using the soap and took another one after almost one month. I took it at the same place and same time and lights ) *no edit or what so ever na ah!!*

My thoughts:

The soap is very effective. I can see dead skin cells falling right after every bath. You will experience micro peeling using this soap but the peeling is very decent unlike other soaps that will make your skin as dry as a chalk board yayks! As you can see on the picture, my skin lightened in less than one month. I guess this is my Holy Grail soap but then I'm not closing my door and windows haha in trying other soaps since I love experimenting weee! But still, I will keep on coming back to this soap for sure 👍.

What I like?

• Effective
• Affordable
• Easy to Find
• Doesn't give me breakouts
• Not too drying
• Smells damn Good!!
• manufacture and exp date are in the box
• Doesn't melt easily
• Natural Ingredients
• Philippine made
• Distributed by trusted beauty shop

What I Don't Like?

None ( Honestly )


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