ShopBack PH Review

by 9:13 PM

Christmas is fast approaching and most of us are so excited for Christmas shopping. Today, I'm gonna share you a great tip on how you can save lots of money without having the trouble to go thru the busy and crowded roads of Manila going to your favorite tiange or shopping center. (Divisoria, SM Malls, Rustans, Quiapo, Greenhills, Baclaran etc. ).

The answer? Online Shopping! Yes! Online shopping! Now you can enjoy shopping while sitting and enjoying your favorite drink or snack plus you don't have to deal with the possibilities of being suffocated by crowd, snatchers and pickpocketers. Indeed the world is so modern and highly technical. I know you'll tell me that " Alam ko na yan, matagal na akong nag sshop online, may mga free coupons etc." But hey! Let me tell you this. How would you feel if you're being paid to shop? You heard it right! You'll get paid because you're shopping. The answer? SHOPBACK!

What's ShopBack?

ShopBack is a Singaporean-headed e-commerce startup that utilises the cashback reward program. It allows online shoppers to take a portion of their cash back when they buy products through the service. They also provide discount coupons and voucher codes for online shopping. Source: Wikipedia

Now ShopBack is in the Philippines. How nice to know that ShopBack is giving us the portion of their commission from the online merchants included in their websites. ( Zalora, Lazada, Ebay, Ensogo, Agoda etc. ). Now that you know, instead of going directly to the website of your favorite online store, go to ShopBackPH first and then click your favorite online shop for you to be entitled for a certain portion of the commission.

By the way, their website is so convenient to use. It's indeed a user friendly website. Registration is so easy peasy, you just have to enter your email and create your own password. Or you can use your Facebook logins to sign up.

When I discovered ShopBack, First thing that came in my mind is you my lovely readers. As you know I am a fan of great savings and so in love in sharing them with you. So I personally tried using ShopBack and My Gosh! I was so amazed and so in love with how ShopBack works. I bought my favorite Tony Moly BB cream and Kabuki Flat top brush in Zalora thru ShopBack. Then After few days I went to my ShopBack account and to my surprise, there's an amount in my account. I never thought it would be that big since the total amount that I paid in Zalora is P873.0 only then I got P209.63 in my ShopBack account. I was so happy and decided to purchase more to earn more so I purchased a bottle of Neocell Collagen C in Lazada thru ShopBack.

Proof of earnings:

Earnings! Yey! Btw, my shopping from lazada is not yet included there because I just ordered from Lazada yesterday. Weeee.!

Woot wooot! You gotta try ShopBack Now! :)

My orders:

The Packaging is so cute! It really looks premium and I love it.
My orders came on time. A little early actually. Plus the product is really authentic. Well, they're legit online stores so I don't have any malicious feelings. I am confident that I've got the authentic products. Ordering thru ShopBack is so easy plus it gives you back the portion of your money. That's what we call real savings!

I feel so special with the envelope. Haha..

My Favorite bb cream. It gives a matte flawless finish. Will make a review soon.

I also bought this Flat top Kabuki Brush and I am so in love with it. I just don't like the color. But I have no choice I chose pink over purple.

What I like:
•User Friendly website
•Big savings
•Easy transactions ( you don't have to fill up forms in order to be entitled to ShopBack credits. Just clik the merchant on ShopBack's website and you'll be directed to the online shop and shop like the usual. And that's it! Once you finished your shopping, count for few days and check your ShopBack account and Yeeeyyy! More money! More fun! ShopBack Pa more! :)
•Legit Company
•Your Personal information are safe

WhatI don't like:
•none ( who doesn't like money? ) lol..

Final thoughts:
For me ShopBack is really a win win for both the company and the consumers because the commission they get is being shared to one another. The process is very easy and so reliable. So that's it! Thank you for reading and see you in my next super tipid but sulit adventure. :)) ShopBack got your Back! ^_^

ShopBack Philippines
Instagram: @shopbackph
Twitter: @shopbackph

Be an Intelligent shopper! You gotta ShopBack! :D

Ishigaki Premium Plus Review

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After a long break from taking glutathione, I braved myself two months ago and decided to take gluta again. As I thought I had a long break already plus my skin was damaged again in the past few months because of my everyday walk and outdoor volleyball. Yay! Curious how I look before taking Ishigaki? I'll show you later but please, don't laugh. Ok? Lol.

What's my new favorite?

Ishigaki Premium Glutathione Blend

*850 milligrams pure pharmaceutical grade glutathione (30 capsules)


Premium Glutathione Blend
L-Glutamic Acid 200 mg
L-Cysteine 200 mg
Glycine 200 mg
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 100 mg
L-Methionine 50 mg
L-Proline 50 mg
L-Threonine 50 mg
Other ingredients: Kosher Gelatin capsule, magnesium streate, cellulose

Where to buy?

( note: They're my newest favorite store. The owner is so humble and very accommodating. )

How much?

P880.00 only. You heard it right! 880 pesos :)


1.) If you wanna know the best glutathione in the Philippines, "CLICK HERE". I've listed there the brands I've already tried.

2.) I've listed "here" the best whitening soaps in the Philippines.
3.) "Click Here" to know the best whitening lotions in the Philippines.
4.) 5 tips on how to achieve fairer skin? "Click here"

My Review:

First of all, I must commend Ageless Beauty for the fast and hassle free transaction. Thank you so much if you're reading this.

Oh well! Before I decided to take this I've read some reviews of my fellow bloggers and found that it yielded them great results. Hmm.. is it over hyped? So yeah I got curious and tried it. I bought 2 bottles and each bottle contains 30 capsules. I think the downside is it smells so strong like a rotten egg, which we know for a fact that I have an authentic Ishigaki but the smell spreads out in my air conditioned room and I always feel meh.. Haha. I took 1 capsule a day with 500mg ascorbic acid. On my first two weeks, TBH a noticeable radiance started to be obvious on my skin and I was like? "Ishigaki Premium, you gotta be kidding me!" Ang mura kasi nya and ganon kabilis, So I continued taking it and when I finished the first bottle, Wow! There's no breakout hah, ang galing. My skin is a shade lighter already. Now I am down on my last 3 capsules and I am enjoying the results. My skin looks milkish white, like a korean skin. My office mates keep on asking me what I am using. I just smiled at them and told them it's my natural skin color! Whahahaa "yabang ko lang yon" pag bigyan nyo na po. ;)

Before and After Pictures:


AFTER ( NO FILTER ) outdoor lighting

Will I recommend it?

Of course YES! Affordable and Effective. This one's for the book! You know how I love affordable yet effective products. :)

Disclaimer:This is not a sponsored review. Bought the product/s from my own pocket. The views and statement above are my honest opinion and my personal experience using the product/services. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thank you for reading. Follow me on our social media channels for more review updates and giveaways. You can also message me if you have questions so see you there!

Facebook: Vanity Room PH
Instagram: @MJamesPerez

Affordable Whitening Products in The Philippines

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Heya Sweeties! How's everyone doing? Yeah I wish you're all doing amazing. Few months back, I've tried using affordable whitening products so I can have something to share to you guys. Who likes saving? Yeah you! Haha.  I've been a student and I know how tight a budget of a student was. Since I know some of my readers here are students or some are moms who want to save that lil bucks, your Snoopy blogger tried some affordable products that you can try too so let's get it on baby! :)

My Derm Kojic Acid with Alpha Arbutin

Where to buy?

How much?
Php 79.00 ( box of 3 )

Avénine Extra White Kojic Bright Lotion

Where to buy?

How much?
Php 117.00 ( bottle of 500ml wow!)

Watsons Whitening Milk and Salt Scrub with Collagen

Where to buy?

How much?
Php 52.00 ( 300g baby! )

My Reviews:

Ok here we are again. I won't be focusing more on what are the ingredients or whatsoever, I will tell you directly how the product works one by one. Let's start with..

My Derm Kojic Acid with Alpha Arbutin

The smell reminds me of Meztisa soap. If you haven't read my review yet, just Click Here. The soap makes generous bubbles and I like that because it feels so smooth on skin every after bath. I don't feel that it's harsh too. It makes my skin a shade lighter after finishing a box of 3. Kudos for this affordable soap. I think what makes it special is that it contains Alpha Arbutin which is expensive and one of the most powerful ingredients in skin whitening. The downside of this is it's always out of stock.

Avénine Extra White Kojic Bright Lotion

I've used it every night because it doesn't have SPF but I think it makes a good compliment with My Derm Kojic soap because it really helped my skin  in whitening. I like the smell it is very light, it doesn't feel sticky at all and I love it. As if you didn't put anything on your skin and that's the biggest factor for me. The downside? I've noticed tears running every time I apply this lotion. So far so Good!

Watsons Whitening Milk and Salt Scrub with Collagen

Yeah this one is my favorite too. It reminds me of  Abonne Milk Salt Scrub. They're almost the same but the smell of Watsons Scrub is a lil better as there's a touch of vanilla in it. The texture is pretty much the same with Abonne more likely similar to salt. It really strips off my dead skin cells and I like that your skin feels so smooth after every use. I use it two times a week.

So there! Those are the products which I found affordable yet so effective in skin whitening. Feel free to try those and let me know if it works ok? Thank you and have a tremendous day! 😊

Will I recommend it?

Well obviously an enormous YES!

Thank you for reading. Follow me on our social media channels for more review updates and giveaways. You can also message me if you have questions so see you there!

Facebook: Vanity Room PH
Instagram: @MJamesPerez

Disclaimer:This is not a sponsored review. Bought the product/s from my own pocket. The views and statement above are my honest opinion and my personal experience using the product/services. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

September Giveaway Winners

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To the most active ones on my Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts! Thank you so much and I would like to congratulate you for winning Slimming products. 😊👍

The winners are:

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You guys are deserving for your overwhelming support to my campaigns. God Bless! 😆😇

Please send me a pm on how to claim your prizes..

For those who didn't win, I'll have another round soon! So stay active and follow me on Twitter/Instagram: @mjamesperez thank you!

September Giveaway

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Hello Awesome Readers! Today I am writing this to announce our Giveaway for the month of September. Yes and the prizes are something that can help you achieve that Sexy body that you ever dreamed of.

 Vanity Room PH has been gaining thousands of views these past few months, so as my way of saying thanks and I love you all. Let me give you another giveaway! Drumroll.....

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 Good Luck!

Lots of Love,

Mj of Vanity Room PH :)

Nivea Men Anti Acne Mud Foam plus Moisturizer with SPF 30 Review

by 12:38 PM
Happy first of September sweeties. Yeah it's ber months and who's excited for Christmas? I'm sure you're all excited and so do I. This season is my favorite because it's colder lol. By the way, I would like to congratulate the winners of my recent giveaway good job! The package was sent to you and expect to receive it by this week. I received a pm from one of the winners that she received her prize already. Kudos to Xend! Again thank you guys and I hope to see your entries on my next giveaway.

Today is a special review for men out there suffering from severe acne.


Nivea Men Anti Acne Mud Serum Foam

Anti-bacterial; concentrated serum format; volcanic Mud Technology digs deep into skin to draw out bacteria. For Moderate acne

What Do you Get?

Where to buy?

How much?
160php something

I also bought:

Nivea Men Extra Whitening Moisturizer Pore Minimizer SPF 30

Long Lasting Moisture
Provides long lasting moisture and care for skin with its Multi-White Complex that support 5-in-1 benefits.

What Do you Get?

Where to buy?

How much?

My Review:
To be honest, these past few months I was so desperate to find a good anti acne solutions because my acne breakout was unstoppable. Then I realized I was using lots of products to my face and thought that it caused me breakout. So I tried to stop using BB and Cc cream, Nivea soft moisturizer and Garnier Light Complete. I decided to buy new products that are dedicated to men's acne problem. Of course I chose Nivea Men because I trusts Nivea so much.

( By the way, prior in using Nivea Men, I also used Dr. Wong's sulfur soap and dude! It made my Acne worse! ) Ok fast forward to Nivea men.

Mud Serum Foam

I like that it comes in a dispensable small bottle. I found it more hygienic plus the color is very manly. I also like that a little goes a long way, one pump is enough for the whole face. When I first tried it I felt like applying toothpaste to my face because it was damn cool and it lathers very well. After few seconds of applying I felt a lil sting on my cheek. So I rinsed it immediately. After washing I felt squeaky-clean.

What I like:
• Affordable
• hygienic
• squeaky-clean after feel
• refreshing effect

What I don't like:
• it stings
• it doesn't help much in reducing my acne
• it leaves your skin matte

Final Verdict:
TBH it didn't help much in reducing my acne, I used it for two weeks and it's really not effective, I felt so clean every after wash though.

Will I recommend it?
Yes if you're oily and less prone to acne, as it leaves your skin matte.
No if your skin is sensitive like mine.

Whitening Moisturizer Pore Minimizer SPF 30

The moisturizer has a nice smell and it comes in a squeezable tube which is why I like it as it is hygienic. It leaves skin a matte after feel. So I also don't like it.

What I like:
• Hygienic
• affordable
• spf 30
• nice smell

What I don't like:
• matte after feel
• skin feels dry

Final Verdict:
I used it  for 3 days only and I don't really like it. It leaves my skin cakey whenever I put on powder on top of it. Though I feel protected from the sun wearing it.

Will I recommend it?
Yes if you're a sporty type of person.
No if you're skin is dry and sensitive

Update: currently my skin is getting better. I'll make a review of my current favorites.
Hint: it is a combination of strong and mild :)


This is not a sponsored review. Bought the product/s from my own pocket. The views and statement above are my honest opinion and my personal experience using the product/services. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Vanity Room PH Giveaway Winners

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The Moment We've been waiting for!
Are you one of the lucky winners for Vanity Room PH Giveaway?

The Winners Are:

Drumroll please....

Grand Prizes ( Snow Caps )

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Consultation Prizes FB contest ( Snow Soaps )

1. Fiena Juanco
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10.Tetski Ferrer

Congratulations! Please send me a pm here in my FB Page with your
1. Complete Name
2. Complete Address
3. Contact Number
4. Email/twitter/Instagram

Thank you all for joining guys! For those who didn't win, don't worry guys I'll have more giveaways coming, so stay connected and keep reading my blogs. Again Thank you and God Bless Us All!. :)


Xend Me Some Love

by 8:01 PM

Hello awesome readers! How are y'all? I hope you're all safe and dry, let's all pray for the typhoon to calm down and go. While everyone's busy, here I am laying in my bed writing what I feel, and thinking of something to share you guys.

Many of you knows that I live and work here in Manila but some of you are not aware that I am from the province ( PROMDI ika nga ) Yes I am a proud Novo Ecijano and I am proud to be called ( PROMDI ) I don't see any reasons to be disgrace when they call me that way.

Photo taken in Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija
Working in Manila if you're from the province is like  working abroad ( yes I feel that way,  I know it's crazy because Manila is just 3 hrs drive from Nueva Ecija ) but we can't erase the fact that I can't go home everyday, and most of the time I miss my family and friends so sometimes I send them some gifts to compensate my loneliness so they can feel that I'm near. Having that said I always trust Xend whenever I am sending some gifts to my love ones and here are the reasons why I trust Xend:

* Trusted since 2004

* Very Affordable rates

* No Hassle

* Mobile friendly website ( you can easily track your package online )

* Free pick up ( you don't have to go out of home to send your package, they will pick it up with no minimum service required, even if you're just sending one item they will surely pick it up for your convenience. )

* Free Delivery Insurance

* They ship worldwide

* Always on time

*friendly CSRs and delivery man

* You can drop off your parcels in participating 7 eleven stores.

Sounds good right? So why are you going to settle for an expensive shipping fee when you can ship it with Xend? Quality shipping doesn't have to be expensive, imagine you can save time and effort plus that extra bucks!.

Now you know why I trusts Xend so much, that's why this coming August 26, I will send the prizes of the lucky winners of my SNOW GIVEAWAY only Through Xend. Because just like my family and friends you're all special to me.

( speaking I am so excited and I know you're all excited too! Thanks everyone for participating and please keep posted for my upcoming posts and giveaways.)
Again thank you and God Bless Us All! :)

Maintain that Youthful Glow and Good Mood with ATC Evening Primrose

by 11:35 AM

Week ago I received an email asking me to join the ATC Campaign. When I heard the word ATC, "Seriously when I'm reading emails or other articles, I'm hearing a whisper when I read something familiar. It's like flashing back from my memories." Then I remembered that I was once a fan of their ATC Garlic oil and Grape seed Oil. Yes! I used to take those supplements and I used to buy at The Generics Pharmacy and I'm telling you the products are effective. So without thinking twice, I accepted the campaign. So today is a review specially dedicated to my female readers, though men can read this too since learning new things has no gender. :)

Though it’s a little bit hard to stay on top of things when it’s that time of the month. Debilitating lower abdomen pain and acne breakouts try to bring you down and out. Experiences may range from mild inconvenience to severe bouts of assorted symptoms, but all girls can agree that it is something to worry about. Get back on top of the world with ATC Evening Primrose.

ATC Evening Primrose relieves premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and breast tenderness associated with the menstrual cycle. It also helps alleviate hot flashes caused by menopause and reduces symptoms of eczema and dermatitis.



Evening Primrose has been called the most sensational preventive discovery since vitamin C. It contains the pain relieving compound phenylalanine and is increasingly being used to treat chronic headaches. It is currently being studied all over the world as a treatment for aging problems, alcoholism, acne, heart disease, hyperactivity in children, symptoms of menopause, multiple sclerosis, weight control, obesity, PMS and schizophrenia. It has so many preventive and therapeutic qualities that it has become a standard part of recommendations of many herbalists for maintaining youth and preventing disease.

Supplement Facts:
Evening Primrose Oil     487.5 mg.
Vitamin E                      12.5 mg.

-as dietary supplement, take 1 softgels 3 times a day, after meals with warm water

Where to Buy?
Mercury Drug and all leading Drugstore nationwide

How much?
P6.00 per soft gel ( yes it's affordable ) also available in a bottle of 100 soft gels

Benefits of taking ATC Evening Primrose:

Menopausal symptoms - treat hot flashes associated with menopause

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) - ease breast tenderness and feelings of depression as well as irritability and swestiffness bloating from fluid retention.

Mastalgia - reduce breast pain and tenderness in people with cyclic mastalgia.

Osteoporosis - increase in bone density since they have less levels of essential fatty acids

Breast cancer - One study found that women with breast cancer who took GLA had a better response to tamoxifen (a drug used to treat estrogen-sensitive breast cancer) than those who took only tamoxifen.

Allergies, cold, flu, and immunity – some folks use it for allergies. And women and children who are prone to allergies appear to have lower levels of GLA in breast milk and blood. Assists the immune system, building resistance to minor upper respiratory conditions including allergies.
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

(ADHD) - have lower levels of essential fatty acids (EFAs), both omega-6s and omega-3s. EFAs are important to normal brain and behavioral function.

Diabetic neuropathy - reduce symptoms of nerve pain

Nourish nails, scalp, and hair - prevents nail from cracking and also helps to keep them generally healthy. In addition, it nourishes the scalp, making the supplement potentially valuable in treating a variety of hair problems.

Rheumatoid arthritis – may reduce pain, swelling, and morning stiffness.

Eczema, High blood pressure (Hypertension) - outperforms a placebo in relieving eczema-related inflammation, as well as the itching, oozing, and flaking associated with this condition. Helps maintain normal healthy blood pressure in healthy people.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms - prevents withdrawal symptoms such as depression and seizures

Final Thoughts:

I have lots of female friends who have common problems during that time of the month, they're having acne breakout, headaches, hormonal imbalances and nerve pains. This is the product that I'll recommend for them, why? Because I've tried and tested ATC Products.
To be honest, I will let my mom and sisters use this product as it promises more than you can expect in a six peso soft gel specially my mom is now suffering from menopausal symptoms. She'll surely like the effects of Evening Primrose, the product is very promising and it came from a reliable manufacturer. So what are you girls waiting for?  Break free and run the world with the help of ATC Evening Primrose.


The views and statement above are based on my personal opinion and honest understanding about the product, Yes I received some goodies from ATC but  I  am not being paid by ATC to write this review, I joined the campaign because I tried and tested some ATC products and  I think this Evening Primrose is very promising, I decided to post it on my blog because  I have female readers, female friends, mom and my sisters who might be suffering from the said symptoms.

Snow Caps Glutathione Giveaway!

by 6:19 PM
As I've promise you, I'll be giving away Snow soaps and Snow Caps.

Let it Snow! 😊
I'll be giving away Free Snow Caps and Snow Soaps! I trust this brand the most and I would like you to experience it. There will be multiple winners!


1. Make sure you like my page: Vanity Room PH
2. Like Snow caps page too: Snow Gluta
3. Share this on your wall and invite friends to like my page.
4. Comment Done and the variant of the soap you want.

done ( papaya, snow and Tahitian )

You can choose 3 soaps any variants.

For the Grand Prize

I'll randomly pick the lucky winners of the Grand Prize Snow Caps Glutathione Capsules. Who will visit my website and leave a comment "DONE" with your email address for me to contact you.
Good Luck!

#VanityRoomPhGiveaway #mjp #VanityRoom


Beauoxiwhite 12in1 Glutathione Review

by 9:03 PM

This is so overdue. Should have posted it last May pa.  ( sorry :) )

Howdy Y'all! I'm back with another review. Last month I started taking Beauoxiwhite 12in1 Glutathione that I've got from Magic Potions. I'm really excited to try it because my best friend is using it and it gives her a fair white complexion as in parang papel sa puti. Since I'm not that white, like paper white, I wanna try it and see if super white complexion suites me.

( I'm trying to maintain fair complexion but I don't want to have an exaggerated white skin like koreans and Chinese. That's why I only take glutathione every other month as much as possible. That's also the reason why I'm not into Gluta IV.) "Masaya na ko na pumuti ako, kasi dati sobrang itim ko tlga as in lol."


Where to buy?
Magic Potions

How much?

What I like?
• it cames from a reliable online shop
• it has a lot of benefits, ( 12in1)
• it was properly sealed
• expiration date printed
• no stomach irritation nor change on my bowel movement
• easy to buy
• effective in skin whitening

What I don't like?
• a bit expensive for a person who is not so yaman like me lol
• smells like rotten egg ( strong ) but it means I have an authentic glutathione
• hard to swallow
• gave me breakouts

Final Thoughts:
During the first 3 days of taking Beauoxiwhite, I haven't notice any pimple sprouting so I thought I'm safe. Then the 4th day, there's one pimple sprouted on my cheek. I ignored it, I was thinking maybe it is because of the WII Navores whitening pack essence that I bought from my ez shop. ( will make a separate review ) Then the next week, I've noticed lots of very tiny pimps on my right cheek as in butlig butlig tlga. I was alarmed and decided to stop using the cream to see which caused me pimples. After one month of using it, I've noticed that the tiny pimps are still there but no more zits or big pimple sprouted but hey I got lighter hah. No not as white as paper but a noticeable white. Maybe I should give it like 3-6 bottles of continues use for me to achieve a paper like complexion. I so love the whitening effect of Beauoxiwhite I just hate that it gave me breakouts which my best friend didn't experience huhu. WII Navores makes it more complicated. I've found out that it is the cause of my butlig butlig. I know because I've tried it again a week after taking beauoxi and shoootss! The butlig butlig multiplied. :( Beauoxiwhite just gave me 1-3 pimps occasionally but still it caused me pimps.

Will make a separate review for WII Navores to make it clear for you guys.

Will I recommend it?

Yes still! You can try it. It may result good to you. It may cause you some pimples and it may not. Just like what I have said, it is effective in whitening.

This is not a sponsored review. Bought the product/s from my own pocket. The views and statement above are my honest opinion and my personal experience using the product/services. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Did You Miss Me? ( I miss you all Awesome Readers! )

by 1:06 AM
Hello Readers! Did you miss me? I miss all of you badly! I'm just dropping by to say hi to you my amazing readers!

It's been months since I last updated my blog for some personal reasons and there were some changes that I've noticed.

1. Page views are growing! Yey!

2. The flag counter is working hihi

3. I was surprised that I have lots of readers from the other country! Cheers!

4. Our lazada ads are now working smoothly

5. Our TopBlogs Ranking is going better!

I'm really happy with the changes and it is all because of you!

I'm starting to make some drafts again for you guys and lots of products that I've used recently will be surely included in my to do lists! It's been a roller coaster ride for me so for sure your reading cravings will be satisfied with all of my ups and down that I will be sharing to you my awesome readers! Please keep posted!

Have a tremendous day! Cheese! :)

Lazada Trusted Online Store

by 3:30 PM
Are you an avid visitor of Lazada? A window shopper like me? Have you ever tempted to order but still hesitant? Or just planning to order? Well if you are, let me share to you my experience ordering from them. This is actually my aunt's request for me to write a review since the item that I've ordered was for her.


Lazada Philippines is an online shopping website from Rocket Internet GmbH, which is an international online business incubator established in 1999; founded by the Samwer Brothers namely Alexander, Arnold Kiaki and Oliver. Said to be a clone of, Lazada is the brainchild of Rocket's CEO Maximilian Bittner,[1] a Rocket protégé who started off with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and History at the University College London, followed by an analyst position at Morgan Stanley, an MBA at the Kellogg School of Management, and five years at McKinsey & Company.[2 ( source Wikipedia )

My Review:
First thing I like about Lazada is they have an option for their customers to pay COD or CASH ON DELIVERY. This is an assurance that they're not scam. If you're not comfortable using your credit card for online purchases, you have lots of options to pay.

I love the fact that they have broad line of products. From gadgets, spare parts, perfumes, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, bags, appliances etc. What else can you ask for? Plus they always have the best deals. Yes! They always have sales, discounts, vouchers and promo code. Having that said, My aunt asked me to order a belt that vibrates and help burn fats.

The best deal I've found was the Vibroaction. It was on sale for 445php only plus vat and shipping fee, we paid 598.99. We were in the province that time so the shipping time frame is 5-10 days and our order was delivered on the 8th day via LBC and so we handed our payment to the delivery man.

The package was properly sealed and handled. The item arrived complete with manual and all plus it is really working. No defects or damages. I so like that you have an option to return the product if there's any damage or defects.

Any downside?
Well the box of the item was a lil bit distorted but that's fine. Plus I wish they have a toll free number for cellphone users so we can conveniently call to track our package or to inquire anything. I think that would deliver more sales to them.

PS. I wish they can deliver earlier than 8th day like other online stores where in they deliver your order in 1-2 days provincially.

Will I recommend Lazada?
Of course yes! It was really a hassle free and effortless shopping. Plus they always have great deals! You can have coupons by downloading their mobile app or subscribing to their newsletter.

For more details and great deals. Please visit their website:

This is not a sponsored review. Bought the product/s from my own pocket. The views and statement above are my honest opinion and my personal experience using the product/services. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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