C.Y Gabriel Special Pink Soap Review

Good late nights sweeties, I'm a bit sleepy but I can't sleep because my mind keeps on bothering me and asking me to write a review about C.Y Gabriel special pink soap haha. Ok! Let's make it short and simple because I really wanna sleep now lol..

I've been reading great reviews about this soap and I thought why not give it a try. So I went to the nearest Watsons and bought one. I chose the special pink variant because they say it is better. I used the soap the day I bought it and it says on the leaflet included on the box that I need to use it with a clean towel so I did and gently rubbed it on my face and body. And oh Boy!! It stung like hell!! So i immediately rinsed it. The next morning, I noticed 4 pimples sprouted on my face huhu. Only thionemax makes wonder on my face. So I discontinued using it and threw it away. Oh by the way, it smells not good for me. It smells cheap and yes it is inexpensive. I bought mine for only 16php.

Final Verdict

I hate this soap. It is not working for me and C.Y gabriel. It made me broke and I regret trying this soap. Waste of money. Hey! 16php is 16php. Plus the fare lol and most of all waste of effort.

For those who tried it and seen great results, congrats! For those who are planning to try it, good luck! :)

I will not recommend this soap.


The post above was based on my experience using the product. Results may vary on each and everyone of us since we have different skin types.

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