Glutathione for men "G4M" plus Rose C white Vit C review

Hot afternoon Readers! Yeah really hot! Oh weather why you are so cold at nights and pretty hot during day time :( crazy lol. Anyway, today I'm so excited like weeeee!! Haha to share you this product that I've received from magic potions beautyshop. Yes, this is a sponsored review but it will not affect my experience using the product. I am frank and i will say my thoughts with no fear! Yay! YES TAPANG HEHE. Ok kidding aside, will write my review from my heart and the way how the product works. By the way, the product is Glutathione for men. Yes! That's the name of the product aka G4M. It is intended for men this is actually a new product from MPBS and I was so lucky that I was given the chance to have a sample to try. ( this is my first glutathione review) This came along with a Vit. C which is labeled as Rose C white. MPBS is so generous that the products delivered to my house with my favorite soap from them which I made a review  here. If you are following my Instagram account, you will see that I've posted the product right away the moment I received them. Here's a screenshot:

Here are the solo pics along with the ingredients:

G4M is a dietary supplement that provides the immune system with extra strength and protection against potential oxidative damage resulting to a healthy body, fairer and radiant skin.

Supports and promotes:

√ active lifestyle performance
√ longer endurance and quicker muscle recovery
√ cell and liver detoxification
√ good health and immune system function
√ vascular blood flow
√ male vinlity enhancement

Rose C White

1000mg with rose hip and citrus bioflavanoids

Vitamin C plays an essential role in strengthening our body's immune system.

It helps neutralize harmful free radicals im cells as a powerful antioxidant.

Where to buy? 

How much?
I don't have an idea (sorry) you can text them for the price.

My Review:

I am really having a hard time to swallow the tablets because they are so big lol. It is really designed for strong men haha. But it didn't bother me at all. Hello! It's a whitening pill and I will do anything to swallow it no matter what the size is hahaha addict? I've noticed some changes on my skin tone after the first two weeks. I got one shade lighter and I was like, is it real? As fast as that? Then I continued taking it. After finishing one bottle, it remained my color to a shade lighter. Maybe it is really hard to see since I am fair already. What I like the most about this glutathione is my pores are getting small, i feel energetic all the time and I'm having a good sleep. Honestly, I'm having a hard time to sleep before but when I started taking G4M, I'm having a decent sleep all night yey! Maybe because it has korean ginseng and ginkgo biloba. I'm not sure but I feel that those ingredients makes this product special. The only downside is first it is hard to swallow and secondly the smell is very strong like rotten egg but the worse version lol but hey don't you expect good smell from gluta since it is their nature to smell like sulfur or rotten egg.

All in all, this is a very good glutathione specially designed for men and it came from a well known company and it is effective.

4 star rating

The post above is based on my experience using the product. Results may vary on each and everyone of us since we have different absorption rate and what so ever.

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