I should have posted this last November pa, but since I have lots of product reviews to be done, I always forget to write this one. ok so here it is. Toink..!

I am looking at the shelve of facial washes when the saleslady in watsons gently approached me and told me to try PHYSIOGEL FACIAL CLEASER, she told me that it is so gentle and bla bla bla.. So without thinking twice I bought one and I decided to get one in sachet. "I always want to get the trial pack first before getting a bigger size" 

Product claim: 

Physiogel is the hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic soap-free cleanser that cleanses, soothes and softens without drying skin.   Its non-greasy formula doesn't contain animal fats, providing a gentle cleansing and maintenance of the skin natural pH balance.


Purified Water, PEG-4000, cetostearyl alcohol, sodium cocolyisethionate, disodium hydrogen phosphate, citric acid, methylparaben, proplyparaben, butylparaben, fragrance

Where to buy?

Watsons/leading supermarkets

How much?

Sachet: 20php
Small bottle: 94php

My review:

The cleanser is really so gentle as water, It has a very mild scent and the consistency is very watery/liquidy, I didn't experience breakouts while using it though I'm still having few pimps during my entire usage. Im terms of cleasing? Come on! my cotton ball is collecting excess bb cream after washing Hmmmm. But when I only used powder or nothings on? It is good. But still I decided to continue using the product for one month and I bought the small bottle, simply because I'm still on search for a facial wash to give me 100℅ cleansing power because I wear bb cream very often and I thought physiogel is preventing my face from breakouts even if there were still make up residues. Not until I found my new fave facial wash which I will share to you soon.. :)

Will I recommend it?

Yes! The cleanser is good and gentle enough and won't damage your skin specially for those who have sensitive skin. What if you wear make up?? Oh well if you have your fave toner that should finish the job :) " but in my case I want facial cleansers that erases make ups upon washing :))"


3 star rating

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