SVR Sofia's glutathione soap with kojic and collagen review

Three weeks ago, I've received a soap from SVR INFINITY, I've got two bars to try. If you are following me on instagram and twitter you will see that I posted it the time I received the product.. Again here's the screen cap.

First thing I've noticed about the product is the packaging, wow it is beautifully wrapped in a white clean paper with sticker on it which includes the manufacturing and expiration date. The moment I opened it, I was surprised by the smell, d*mn I soooooooo love the smell, It reminds me of oatmeal and vanilla haha my partner said " I want to bite it". So do I. Lol because It really smells pretty pretty good.

Look young and beautiful with the Glutathione Soap with Kojic and Collagen from Sofia's. It is designed to make your beauty regimen effortless by combining Glutathione, Kojic Acid, and Collagen.

- Glutathione promotes fair skin tone
- Kojic Acid decreases skin pigmentations
- Collagen helps increase skin elasticity

How much?
100 per bar

Where to buy?


Instagram: @svrinfinity
website: click here
Also available in zalora

My review:

As I have mentioned earlier, this soaps were sent for product review and consideration. Whether I bought the soap or it is sponsored, I will give my review based on my experience using it and will tell you frankly and straight to the point if it is effective or not. So let's get started :). Having healthy and radiant skin is the key to looking youthful and beautiful. Some of us are lucky enough to have soft and supple problem-free skin throughout our lives. For the rest of us who suffer from the occasional skin darkening or other problems such as dry or oily skin, there are Sofia's soaps and cleansers! The soap melts easily which means it is potent and doesn't have more fillers on it. So I cut it in to pieces. It stings a lil bit so I rinse it after 3mins every bath, I'm using it two times a day. And after the first day I noticed some micro peeling on my arms, legs and tummy, and my skin is smooth, so I continued to use the soap and after three weeks of using the soap, I must say that it is really effective! Will share you my before and after pic below. This soap will be added on my favorites! Kudos! Svr infinity! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try a wonderful product of yours! Cheers!! :)

As you can see, my skin gets a lil fairer and the yellow undertone is gone plus the scar is almost gone! Yeyyy!!

Will I recommend it?

Yes yes and yes! The soap is true to its promise! It is very rave from beauty forums online, and most of their claims are true! Plus the soap is homemade or handmade, so I feel that the soap is special and full of love ;)

4 star rating

Will make it 5 if it is already available in all leading drugstores or supermarkets nationwide so customers can easily buy it. :))
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