When Lovers go back to being strangers again

Isn’t it sad how someone who was once the most important person in your life becomes a stranger again?
You never thought it’s gonna happen and it never crossed your mind that it’s even possible–that you two are going to live separate lives one day.
You never realized that the day would come when the only person who used to stand by your side would be the same man you can’t stand to sit beside with even for just a few minutes.
Or, maybe you did but you just didn’t expect it was that soon.
Ever heard about the stages of a relationship, from strangers to lovers, and then back to being strangers again?
I saw this video on Youtube and let me sum it up for you:
1. The Meeting—This is the part where your eyes lock at each other and then you exchange numbers;
2. The Chase—This is where you start becoming a stalker; you read all his/her Facebook history from “joining Facebook” to “recent activities”;
3. The Honeymoon—I think this is the part where the feeling becomes mutual. From the time you wake up ‘til you close your eyes, all you can think about is spending time with him/her;
4. The Comfortable Stage—This is the time when you’re completely at ease with each other and everything becomes a routine. Some decide to get married, some call it quits, but, I believe, either ways would still lead to stage 5 in the long run;
5. The Tolerance—I would describe this as the part where you can’t leave each other but neither can you stand to talk to each other for more than an hour because every conversation leads to a horrible dispute.
6. The Downhill—This is the part where you try to fix things. You try to talk it through, but nothing seems to be changing. Same old issues are raised every time; and, finally,
7. The Break-up—This is the step made “for the common good.” You part ways although you can’t help it to eavesdrop news about him/her.
You’ll eventually lose connections and everything goes back on track as if nothing had happened. Without even noticing it, you are already living separate lives.
And, just when you are no longer thinking about it, you’ll run into them, unprepared and totally off guard.
I tell you, this is the most intimidating moment in the world–to cross paths with an old lover and not know whether to smile or take the long way just to avoid him/her.
Your heart pounds as you two gets closer and you try as much as you can not to meet eyes with him/her so you could keep pretending you didn’t notice one another. It’s going to be one of the longest few seconds of your life and you’ll wish to fast-forward it.
When you get through it and reach home, you can’t help but think how it was if you two didn’t have a past though it wasn’t so long ago when you two were inseparable. You had the blueprint of your life together. You had pictured building your own house; raising two kids and nightly dine outs because both of you can’t cook.
He was the only person who knew how horrible your English grammar is, and you weren’t ashamed because you knew he knew exactly what you meant.
He was your shock absorber. He would patiently listen to your stories about how ridiculous your office mates were. He used to be the only person who knew what you wanted before you even realized it. He knew exactly how to console you whenever you felt like a complete basket-case.
He was yours once upon a time and yet, with just a blink of an eye, the magic spell turned to dust and everything went back the way it was once between the two of you–complete strangers.
But, I think that’s how it’s meant to be. We don’t own people and we can only spend a certain time in their lives.
So, while we do have them with us, let’s make the best memories with them so that, every time they remember us, they would smile and miss that life with us.
Life is not about happy endings, but about how you lived every days of it.
Just because things didn’t end up the way you planned them doesn’t mean it was an awful relationship. It’s the good run you two had towards the end that counts.
Sadly, all good things come to an end. But, that’s life and that’s the way it is. It’s gonna happen again.
What we must learn is how to hold things with loose grip so it’s not so painful when we let them go.
Remember life is touch and go. ?

I just feel like sharing this article all credits to the author www.definitelyfilipino.com
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