Pervil Magic Cream, Lotion and Soap Review

Familiar with magic creams? Well I'm proud to say that one of the pioneers of this well known creams originated here in my hometown ( cabanatuan city  ) and the company name is PERVIL, the daughter of the owner is my cousin's classmate ( just sharing lol ). Ok so I went to the nearest mall to look for a new soap to try then I saw a PERVIL kiosk I didn't know that they have stall already since it is very rare that I stay here in Cabanatuan. I was Surprised that they already have soaps and lotions. All I know is they only have Magic Cream since my tita's are fond of using it way back then and that's it just the cream hehe. Out of curiosity I bought a jar of cream, 3 soaps and 1 bottle of magic lotion. By the way I should've posted this review last year pa sorry it is soooo late. But I guess it is never too late to share to you sweeties so here it is..


The Pervil Magic Cream Soap is a richly-formulated soap, with the fresh fragrance of chamomile, infused with honey and unrefined shea butter that keeps skin well moisturized,. It is blended with papaya enzyme, an ingredient proven to effectively whiten dark areas, and erase blemishes. When used regularly, it makes skin smooth, vibrant and glowing.

The Pervil Magic Whitening Body Lotion contains chamomile extract that soothes and revives the skin, vitamins that lighten and protect the skin from aging. Its moisturizing and whitening properties will help achieve a lighter skin tone, and make skin smoother and softer.

signature lightening cream that launched Pervil's position in the whitening and beauty market, this unique formulation of vitamins and moisturizers whitens effectively and improves, revitalizes and replenishes skin, making it soft, smooth and youthful. Pervil Magic Cream contains SPF 15, to protect your skin against harmful UV A and UV B rays.

How much?
Soap: 3 for 120php
Lotion: 125php
Cream: 140php

Where to buy?
Pervil Kiosk cabanatuan ( also available in select Mercury Drugstores ) and in Pervil main Factory. Kapt. Pepe Subdivision Cabanatuan Nueva ecija.

My Review:
Just like what I've said, my titas are a big fan of the Pervil Magic cream, and I wanted to try those way back then but they said I'm too young bla bla bla. Now that I'm on the right age there's no excuse not to try it hehe. So I will give my thoughts individually come on let's start!

I love the scent of the soap it is something like floral and gentle, It gives a generous Amount of lather and I love it :). It has a micropeeling effect but it is still soft to touch. It melts easily ( cold processed to maintain the potency of the ingredients ). After a month of using it I bought another set of 3 bars. Oh yes it is effective in whitening and removing tan lines.

5 stars

Again the smell is sooo captivating, I'm so in love with the scent of this lotion a lot of people are completing the smell hey it is long lasting but very pleasant ( not a very strong smell urrrg! ) it is not sticky at all as in dry touch, I feel so flawless after applying this lotion. As per whitening? I think yes, I'm not really sure if it is the lotion or the soap but I guess it is the soap because I used the soap longer than this but hey I finished 3 bottles of it and will buy another when I run out of lotions to try.

4 star 

Urrrgh!! This is it! The cream was just over moisturizing for my taste but the scent is divine too. I'm not sure if it is because of the ingredients or because it is over moisturizing, I noticed too much oil on the first layer of my skin every time. Yes it whitened my skin as in! It was rumored before that it contains mercury but I never believe it. I made some research and Pervil is BFAD Approved. Too bad the product is not easy to find. Disappointing isn't it? (Because I want to purchase more haha).

4 star

Will I recommend it?
Yes! The products smell pretty good, effective and budget friendly. I would also highly recommend the magic cream if you have super dry, dull and damaged skin.

Overall ratings to Pervil Line of Products
4 out of 5 star rating

The views and statement above are based on my experience and my honest opinion using the products, effects may vary on different skin types from one person to another.

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