Relumins Advanced Glutathione and Collagen Review

Good Day Sweeties! How's everyone? Hope you're all doing Amazing!. I wont write more chikkas today because my review will be a bit long for I am looking to give you every details of the three babys that I'm currently using. So let's get started!!

( will be sharing full details of each product, please take time to read as it is worth to check every details of the products. )

1. NEW Relumins Advanced White Active Glutathione Complex -Oral

L-Glutathione Reduced 800mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg
Vitamin C 100mg
Placental Protein Extract 200mg

2. Relumins Advanced White Collagen MAX Formula - Chewable - Firms, Whitens, Repairs & Rejuvenates Skin

Most advanced collagen supplement available.  Relumins Advanced White Collagen MAX Formula contains 12 Advanced Ingredients to fight signs of aging, whiten skin and reduce wrinkles.

Collagen Peptide(fish) 500mg
Vitamin E Powder 12.5mg
Silk Peptide 25mg
Vitamin C 10mg
Chicken Collagen 25mg
Chondroitin 15mg
Hyaluronic Acid 15mg

Bird's Nest 5mg
Pearl Powder 1.5mg
Job's Tears 50mg
Natural orange Flavor

3. Authentic Relumins Advanced White Active Glutathione Complex Capsules with 6x Booster

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, 300mg:

-has been shown to augment the Glutathione reserves in the body.

Alpha Lipoic acid, 225mg:

-Both fat and water-soluble, that means it can work throughout the body Evidence suggests alpha Lipoic Acid may help extend the time that Glutathione levels remain elevated after supplementation.

L-Methionine, 150mg:
-Therapy resulted in a significant increase of hepatic Glutathione levels both in patients with alcoholic and in those with non-alcoholic liver diseases as compared with placebo-treated patients.
Vitamin E, 150IU:
-Glutathione level is significantly related to Vitamin E level, and supplementation with Vitamin E (100 IU/day) significantly increases Glutathione and lowers lipid per-oxidation and HbA1c concentrations in the erythrocytes of type 1 diabetic patients.
Vitamin B2, 7.5mg: 
-is instrumental in reduction of the oxidized form of Glutathione (GSSG) to its reduced form (GSH).
Selenomethionone, 300mg:
-Studies show that Selenomethionone supplemented medium exhibited markedly elevated Glutathione peroxidase activity and linear increases in abundance of GPx1 and GPx3 proteins.

My Daily Routine:
Am and Pm 30mins after meal:
 1 relumins advanced, 1 relumins max dose and 1 relumins collagen. Plus Vit. C

Where to buy?
Instagram : @flawlessbeautyandskin
Facebook: Flawlessbeautyandskin

How much? 
Gift for product reviews. ( check their website for the prices )

My Review:
These  products are originally from  USA and I've been reading good feedbacks from foreigners and other pinoys who tried it already, and Luckily I was given a chance to try these wonderful babies :). I take each capsules two times a day\and again the capsules are big but I don't mind it at all. I never experienced any breakouts, sickness or other negative side effects. I feel good everyday,  it helps improve my mood and mental alertness, I knew because before I take these I easily get annoyed. Lol. Honestly speaking I thought Relumins was just over advertised by EB BABES as  they are having flawless white skin, and hey!! I must admit I'm wrong. After Using Relumins for 3weeks my skin is noticeably glowing and having that flawless white la la I super duper love how I look, lots of people are complementing my skin They say I have a kutis artista skin and I feel Great hearing those! Lol. I'm currently on my third week now and still have 7 days supply covered yey!.  These products are for the books! Go ahead and try it to believe it!. I took 2 gluta and 1 collagen plus vit c. Altogether two times a day. That's why it yielded me Great results!.

Here's a photo that I just took today while I'm writing this review. It has no filter nor edits. Photo taken on lights of my window. Look my skin is flawlessly white. Forgive the pimpy on my right cheek lol. It is because of the facial wash that I will be reviewing next.

Will I recommend it?
Certainly Yes!!! The products are super effective and won't cost you that much compared to other brands.

Disclaimer: The products were sent for consideration, the views and statement above are based on my experience and my honest opinion.

5 star rating

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