A Taste Of Vanity: Zark's Burgers

I'm back with another Taste of Vanity lol. Are you hungry? Well let me take you to the world of BURGERS! who loves burgers? Me? You? Or should I say all of us? Who doesn't right?. So here is a very special Taste for Zark's Burger, I bet most of you have been here before, especially those who lives in metro like me, But for some, well Zark's was just a neophyte in the industry of Burgers but hey They are growing now and they have one of the best tasting aha!.


Time to spoil your guilty pleasure with the goodness of Zark’s Burgers! True to their “IT’S FRESH. IT’S HUGE. IT’S GREAT” trademark, Zark’s Burgers is every burger lover’s food haven. Their variety of burgers, sandwiches and sidings has made them an instant hit with the meat-loving crowd, growing from a 20-seater hole-in-the-wall restaurant to a well-loved restaurant joint with two branches and still expanding! Their bestselling and most raved about burgers include the Ultimate Burger, Burger from Hell, Philly Cheesesteak Burger, Luther Burger, and their signature Tombstone and Jawbreaker.

Here are some of Zark’s Burgers Bestsellers:
Ultimate Burger
Three Pointer
Black Mamba
Stone Cold Stunner
Jack Hammer
King James Tomahawk
American All Star
Nachos Galore
French Fries
Burger From Hell
Blue Cheese Burger
Wings N Chips
Cheese Fries
Philly Cheesesteak Burger
Crunchy Burger
Candy Bacon Burger
Zark’s stands proud in serving delicious, greasy, and downright humongous burgers made from scratch. Every foodie who dares to try the goodness of Zark’s can’t simply get enough of it.

Price Range?
From 95php to 250php that comes with a French fries and Iced tea or Lemonade.

Taft, BF Homes, Katipunan, Eastwood, McKinley, Sm North & Sm Fairview

My taste:
I used to work at Convergys Eastwood Branch where we are surrounded by lots of restaurants you can actually walk and pick where do you want to eat. One of my colleagues introduced us Zarks and so we tried it and we keep on coming back because their burgers are so damn delicious and huge. Imagine eating a burger as big as a child's head, Solve! Right? I have tried their Strike Out, Jawbreaker, Jack Hammer and Black mamba. All of them are yummy but my favorite is the strike out lol. The food will be served to you with a side dish ( French fries ) fresh and hot partnered with a cold iced tea or lemonade. The area is so clean. The waiters are friendly and approachable and the place itself is cozy. So if you haven't tried to eat at Zarks yet, go ahead and indulge!

Will I share it?
Absolutely! The food is so delicious and the place is clean and cozy plus I like the fact that it is so budget friendly. Believe me! Just try one order and you're dead! Lol I Mean solve! :). The only downside that I can say is their Eastwood branch is a bit small, I guess they need to expand so they can accommodate more guests. Because for our love of eating Zarks Burger we waited for 30mins to have a table.

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4 star rating

The statement and views above are based on my personal experience and honest opinion. I'm not being paid by Zarks " I wish so lol " to write this review, we are really happy and satisfied so they deserved to be featured here in our humble blog. Thanks please respect.
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