Perla Papaya for Skin Whitening?

Perla Papaya Laundry soap for your skin whitening? Some claimed it is effective. Fact or myth? To answer that question, your snoopy blogger tried it. Whenever I go to Savemore to buy some goodies for my home, Perla papaya always caught my attention. I remember my friend who told me that it is effective in skin whitening as her flawless male workmate is using it. I keep on ignoring that but two days ago, I went to Savemore again and saw Perla papaya saying hi to me lol and Bravely, I bought and tested the product. Here's what happened. ( curious? Continue reading )

Perla Papaya Laundry Soap
Perla is a laundry soap that contains all natural ingredients, it is a one of a kind laundry soap.
Manufacturer: Proctor & gamble

Where to buy?
Savemore/sari-sari store/leading supermakets

How much?
13.00php for a sachet of 95g

My Review:
I'm so excited to try the product. I'm always excited when I'm trying a new one lol. So when I went home from SM, I immediately went to my shower and used the product. It smells like a detergent literally the soap is big and hard to handle. This time I didn't cut the soap because the texture is not very tight for me. I mean it might break into pieces if I'm going to cut it so I leave it as is. The soap provides a rich lather which I like ( parang mag lalaba talaga haha ). I always soap my legs first going upwards why? There are two reasons, first my legs are less whiter than my arms and lastly, touching or rubbing your legs going upwards is good for the heart and it leads to a good blood circulation. Same as scrubbing, you must do the same direction. Ok! So  I'm almost done with my whole body when I felt a strong sting sensation on the sides of my tummy and my limbs followed. It was hot as hell. No! Not that exaggerated lol. But it really stung! So I immediately rinsed it off and still felt the sting. So I put some Aloe gel and ice cubes to soothe the burning sensation. After 1 hr I had some red spots around my tummy. If I didn't put aloe gel I assumed it should've resulted to wounds. Thanks to aloe gel the red spots were gone.

Perla Papaya laundry soap for me is a Hoax! It can do harm on your skin. It might work good for clothes I'm not sure tho I never used perla to wash my clothes I use Ariel and finally it is just 7.50 lol. ( you like that lil advertisement huh hahahah )

Will I recommend it?
No! Please! Take my experience as a guide.

1 star rating

The views and statement above are based on my experience and my honest opinion using the product/s, effects may vary on different skin types. I Bought the product/s, from my own pocket and I think it needs  to be featured here in our humble blog.

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