Westnuk Beach Resort: Summer Throwback

Are you looking for a perfect summer spot where you can enjoy and escape from the loud and noisy city? Or you're  just simply looking for a great place for summer? If your answer is Yes, Continue reading as I am going to share you one hidden paradise located at the heart of Morong, Bataan. Just 3hrs away from Metro! :)

Hidden away in the heart of Morong, Bataan, Westnuk Beach Resort is the perfect getaway for weary travelers looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city like me. Their resort is only a two and a half hour drive from Manila. Getting there is an experience itself as the roads you travel are filled with scenic views of where the mountains and the sea meet.
Even in its simplicity, Westnuk Beach Resort features comfortable accommodations with scenic ocean views.

Rates and Packages:

Basic Day Tour Package (Minimum of 10 guests) :

P550/Guest  :  Inclusive of Entrance Fee, Day-Tour Accommodation, Welcome Drink, Packed Lunch with Soda, Parking Space, Use of Beach, Use of Team Building Facilities (e.g. volleyball, sack race, tug-of-war, obstacle course), and Free Streamer for Big Groups, Use of Shower and Dressing Room, Food Corkage Fee, Use of Grilling/Cooking Area)

Basic Overnight Night Tour Package (Minimum of 10 guests): 
P825/Guest  :  Inclusive of Entrance Fee, Overnight Use of Tent/Huts,  "Bring-Your-Own-Tent" Pitching Fee, Welcome Drink, Packed Lunch with Soda, Parking Space, Use of Beach, Use of Team Building Facilities  and Free Streamer for Big Groups, Use of Shower/Dressing Room, Food Corkage Fee, Grilling/Cooking Area)

Beachfront Budget Rooms Price
Nemo/Flipper PHP 2,500.00/6 pax
Orca/Moby Dick  PHP 3,100.00/9pax
Standard Rooms PHP 1,800.00/4pax
Picnic Shed PHP 300.00
Picnic Table PHP 200.00
Overnight Vista Room Packages
Per Head Accommodation & 3 Meals
PHP 1,500.00/pax
Accommodation, 3 Meals, 2 Snacks
PHP 1,900.00/pax

( rates are based on their website )

We availed Nemo/Flipper room as we want to have a beach front room.

Our Experience:
Westnuk is surrounded by nature unspoiled by man. When you’re not swimming, facilities for basketball, beach volleyball and karaoke are available for you to enjoy. We were surprised because we never expected that they have white sand, and they are the only resort in that area. BTW, they are very near sa Bataan nuclear power plant.

Wesnuk Beach Resort Gate Entrance

Here's the saddest part, my friend Joanne booked this resort through a third party online booking agent. They promised that we will have a shuttle service going to beach proper but when we arrived at the gate, there's no shuttle service and the room we booked was actually not available. So the guard called the manager of Westnuk and we've talked to him. We end up getting the room we reserved and the guard was so kind that he let us used his single motorcycle so we can get to the the hotel. It took us 5mins to get there. First thing we did was talking with the manager. He told us not to book with third party agents and advised us to contact them directly next time. To compensate the hassle we've been through, he gave us a free water and a free use of their kitchen facilities. Thanks to the manager.

We enjoyed the great view of the resort. We actually had a bon fire that night for only 200php. We did a marsh mallow party and open forum. We enjoyed that night of talk and bonding. ( btw we cooked our own food we bought all the ingredients at the bataan public market before going to westnuk.. I must commend their market for being so clean. ) 

The morning after that tiring but enjoyable night, we did some beach volleyball and swimming. Then pictorials of course! Hehe..

Overall we really enjoyed the unspoiled paradise. The place is so quite and clean. Plus the beach itself is amazing. We will surely go back to Westnuk Beach Resort.

This is not a sponsored review. All of the services/products/rooms we availed were paid by us.  We were satisfied and happy so they deserved to be featured on my blog :)
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