A Taste of Vanity: 915 Food House

Who's hungry? Oh I can see your hands waving! ( baliw lang haha sorry po nalipasan na ko ng gutom haha ) kidding aside, me, Kevin and my sisters always love to try new food or new resto whenever there's a newly opened one. Though our favorite spots are Shawarma house, steak n stix and ihaw ihaw ni mang obet, all located at Kapt. Pepe subdivision Cabanatuan City.

My sister Raykie loves to Pig out, that's why when she heard that there's a newly opened resto called 915 Food House she immediately brought us there, it was her treat anyway.

They are a newly opened restaurant, they are very promising, They Offer Different kinds of silog, bibimbap and many more.

Where is it Located?
Located at Zulueta St. Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.
Opens from Monday to Saturday 11:00am to 10:00pm

Instagram: @915FOODHOUSE
915 Food House Facebook Fan Page

Their Menu:

My taste:
We arrived there at 9pm almost closing time, so we are the only guests left. We immediately ordered beef tafa (silog), pork barbeque ( silog ), Korean Bibimbap, Pork Belly Noodles and Potatoe Wedges, plus Flavored soda ( iced tea and Blueberry) that was very timely since we haven't ate our dinner that time so all of us were hungry as a shark lol. It took 15mins for our orders to be served.

I first tasted the bibimbap! Oh yes it was damn delicious! Very similar to my favorite bibimbap from Haemul Bibimbap, it tastes very korean and my sisters enjoyed it too. Kevin is a BBQ critic since it is his favorite and he can make a very tasting BBQ, actually his BBQ was the tastiest BBQ I have ever tasted. Yum!! To cut the story short 915's BBQ failed to pass Kevin's taste but he said ( ok lang ). So it is not bad at all. I ate the beef tafa and hmmm it tasted good for my liking. The beef was soft and juicy not dry. The pork Belly tastes good too and so the Potatoe Wedges. Of course I have to mention their drinks oh boy! It tastes good too. Very refreshing and I like the fact that it was poured in a mason jar. It's cute hehe.

Any downside?
Yes the space is a bit small, I think they need to expand since a lot of people are eyeing to their bibimbap lol and the serving is a lil late, we have to understand since their ingredients are fresh. Plus the tables in their main dining area are not moveable I think it is not suited for a group, one table can only accommodate two pax.

All in all we enjoyed our food trip. Kudos!  915 FOODHOUSE!

Will I share it?
Yes of course! Their foods are tasty and budget friendly plus! The ambience is so nice, perfect for selfie and food photography. And hey there's a lot of free books that you can read.

3 star rating

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