Email Scammer Alert!

These past few months, I kept on receiving lots of emails in my spam box. Saying They will donate $500 million dollars etc. Each story were different each email tells different scenarios how possible I can get some $$. And I was like, what the heck.! No one will give even just 100php to a stranger! So it is very clear that those messages are scam.

Here are the screenshots:

Wow! $850k huh!

As you can see, they are different persons but with one reason why they emailed me, to give me money? Oh boy! Come on! donate it to charity if you're real, I'm not saying I don't need money, Of course I want and I need but hey!, it is very obvious that they are scam!.

Just in case you received the same message or you will be receiving it in the future, "PLEASE DO NOT REPLY OR GIVE ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION ESPECIALLY YOUR BANK ACCOUNT
Just ignore and delete it, they are maybe Money Launderers or whatever.

Keep safe Everyone and to God Be all the Glory!

If you have similar experience please share it to the comment box below so we can give caution to everyone. Thanks!

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