Beauoxiwhite 12in1 Glutathione Review

This is so overdue. Should have posted it last May pa.  ( sorry :) )

Howdy Y'all! I'm back with another review. Last month I started taking Beauoxiwhite 12in1 Glutathione that I've got from Magic Potions. I'm really excited to try it because my best friend is using it and it gives her a fair white complexion as in parang papel sa puti. Since I'm not that white, like paper white, I wanna try it and see if super white complexion suites me.

( I'm trying to maintain fair complexion but I don't want to have an exaggerated white skin like koreans and Chinese. That's why I only take glutathione every other month as much as possible. That's also the reason why I'm not into Gluta IV.) "Masaya na ko na pumuti ako, kasi dati sobrang itim ko tlga as in lol."


Where to buy?
Magic Potions

How much?

What I like?
• it cames from a reliable online shop
• it has a lot of benefits, ( 12in1)
• it was properly sealed
• expiration date printed
• no stomach irritation nor change on my bowel movement
• easy to buy
• effective in skin whitening

What I don't like?
• a bit expensive for a person who is not so yaman like me lol
• smells like rotten egg ( strong ) but it means I have an authentic glutathione
• hard to swallow
• gave me breakouts

Final Thoughts:
During the first 3 days of taking Beauoxiwhite, I haven't notice any pimple sprouting so I thought I'm safe. Then the 4th day, there's one pimple sprouted on my cheek. I ignored it, I was thinking maybe it is because of the WII Navores whitening pack essence that I bought from my ez shop. ( will make a separate review ) Then the next week, I've noticed lots of very tiny pimps on my right cheek as in butlig butlig tlga. I was alarmed and decided to stop using the cream to see which caused me pimples. After one month of using it, I've noticed that the tiny pimps are still there but no more zits or big pimple sprouted but hey I got lighter hah. No not as white as paper but a noticeable white. Maybe I should give it like 3-6 bottles of continues use for me to achieve a paper like complexion. I so love the whitening effect of Beauoxiwhite I just hate that it gave me breakouts which my best friend didn't experience huhu. WII Navores makes it more complicated. I've found out that it is the cause of my butlig butlig. I know because I've tried it again a week after taking beauoxi and shoootss! The butlig butlig multiplied. :( Beauoxiwhite just gave me 1-3 pimps occasionally but still it caused me pimps.

Will make a separate review for WII Navores to make it clear for you guys.

Will I recommend it?

Yes still! You can try it. It may result good to you. It may cause you some pimples and it may not. Just like what I have said, it is effective in whitening.

This is not a sponsored review. Bought the product/s from my own pocket. The views and statement above are my honest opinion and my personal experience using the product/services. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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