Xend Me Some Love

Hello awesome readers! How are y'all? I hope you're all safe and dry, let's all pray for the typhoon to calm down and go. While everyone's busy, here I am laying in my bed writing what I feel, and thinking of something to share you guys.

Many of you knows that I live and work here in Manila but some of you are not aware that I am from the province ( PROMDI ika nga ) Yes I am a proud Novo Ecijano and I am proud to be called ( PROMDI ) I don't see any reasons to be disgrace when they call me that way.

Photo taken in Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija
Working in Manila if you're from the province is like  working abroad ( yes I feel that way,  I know it's crazy because Manila is just 3 hrs drive from Nueva Ecija ) but we can't erase the fact that I can't go home everyday, and most of the time I miss my family and friends so sometimes I send them some gifts to compensate my loneliness so they can feel that I'm near. Having that said I always trust Xend whenever I am sending some gifts to my love ones and here are the reasons why I trust Xend:

* Trusted since 2004

* Very Affordable rates

* No Hassle

* Mobile friendly website ( you can easily track your package online )

* Free pick up ( you don't have to go out of home to send your package, they will pick it up with no minimum service required, even if you're just sending one item they will surely pick it up for your convenience. )

* Free Delivery Insurance

* They ship worldwide

* Always on time

*friendly CSRs and delivery man

* You can drop off your parcels in participating 7 eleven stores.

Sounds good right? So why are you going to settle for an expensive shipping fee when you can ship it with Xend? Quality shipping doesn't have to be expensive, imagine you can save time and effort plus that extra bucks!.

Now you know why I trusts Xend so much, that's why this coming August 26, I will send the prizes of the lucky winners of my SNOW GIVEAWAY only Through Xend. Because just like my family and friends you're all special to me.

( speaking I am so excited and I know you're all excited too! Thanks everyone for participating and please keep posted for my upcoming posts and giveaways.)
Again thank you and God Bless Us All! :)
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