Nature Repblic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Review

by 1:38 PM
I have read lots of positive feedbacks of Nature Republic's Aloe vera soothing gel. So I got intrigued and purchased my own to try. By the way, this was included on the orders I've made from Althea Korea. Let's make this review quick because I'm sleepy na. I'm writing this review right now at exactly 2:03 AM April 30, 2016 haha so let's proceed!


Where to buy?
Althea Korea

How much?
P180 (Yes it's cheaper in Althea)

So it's 92% Aloe vera and 20% Glycerin. Wow! Bonggels haha. Anyway, some brands have 98% wower! Wower?? Hahahaha. Alright! So I used this product twice a day for two weeks as my moisturizer. Let's talk about the pros first or the cons? Ok let's go with OR haha let's start with the negative side. I hate that this has a tacky feeling every application. Well it's understandable because it has glycerin. The stickiness disappears after few minutes like 54 minutes. Of course that's a joke haha. Like after 2 to 3 minutes it's all good. I also don't like the container. Dude! It's really unhygienic! Meged, they didn't even provide a spatula or something to use a scooper since it comes in a big tub.
It doesn't help much in my acne problem like what others claimed. It's just simply a moisturizer for me. A good moisturizer indeed. I like that it acts like a primer on my face too, it helps the application of my bb cream easier. It also helps maintaining an oil free face. Seriously it helps. After 6 hrs pako nag bblot eh usually 2 hours palang tinatawag nako ng blotting sheet ko haha. It's really soothing and refreshing. I didn't see drastic changes on my skin except that my face was well moisturized and the redness were lessened.

For me, Nature Republic's Aloe vera soothing gel was just a nice moisturizer. Nothing fancy, nothing extraordinary. Will still use it if I have sunburns. It is so huge so perhaps it will last me up to a year or two.

Have you tried it? Share us what you think so it may help others. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you and God Bless You all. 😊 ❤

Shop Online Without Credit Card Using PayMaya

by 9:29 PM
Hey there guys! Special mention to those online shoppers there like me  wohooo! Online stores nowadays are offering wide range of payment methods but I just discovered an easier way. Credit card! Ooops don't worry because you don't have to wait long time to be approved when applying for credit card. Also, you don't have to worry about the interest, annual fee and all that shocking fees showing on your SOA because it is a virtual credit card. Yup! It is that cool, virtual!

What is PayMaya?
PayMaya is a free app that allows anyone to shop online even without a credit card. Just download the app, load up, and shop!

Where can I use my PayMaya?
You can use it for online purchases at any store that accepts PayMaya or Visa. Shop online for clothes and gadgets, purchase concert and movie tickets, buy games and in-app purchases or get the best travel deals for your next vacation!

Infor credits to PayMaya official site. To know more about how it works, visit:

I'm just so excited to share you my experience using PayMaya because it is so cool. All you need to do is download the app on Google Play or Apple Store. Two days ago, I used it to purchase my own domain name at and right now I am shopping at Lazada! It's awesome! How do you like my new domain name and blog design? It's all for you and because of you. So I would like to send my warmest  hugs to everyone muah! muah! So back to the PayMaya app keme haha. I was able to use it as regular credit card. Once you've successfully register an account, there will be a virtual credit card like this:
Photo credit to official

Showing your credit card details. Before using it, you need to load it up of course! They offer wide range of loading options for your convenience. Click here to view. In my case, I used my BDO online banking and it's working perfectly fine. The downside is you need to wait 2 hours for the amount to be credited to your PayMaya account. Don't get nervous because that's the allotted processing time. I will show you how it looks like when you've successfully loaded your PayMaya account here:

After reloading, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and shop baby! Yes! Use your brand new virtual credit card. By the way, you will also receive text alerts every incoming and outgoing transactions on your registered number.  This includes reloading and online purchases like this:

You can also review the transactions you've made thru your PayMaya app. It's cool, it's safe,  it's free and easy! Go ahead and download the app now and avoid the hassle of going to different payment centers to pay for your online orders via  ( Dragon Pay, Hello Pay etc. )

By the way, your virtual card can be upgraded to reality haha yes! You can have your real PayMaya card. I just upgraded mine and waiting for it to be approved. Once you have your card upgraded, you'll have the privilege to withdraw the amount you have on your PayMaya account and tap it on your next LRT ride. How cool is that?  I'll update you guys the moment  I received my card.

Hope this review helps. Tell me what you think on the comment box below and let's talk. 😀

God Bless you awesome peeps! 😊

Update: (05/06/2016)

I received my personalized card already and I was able to use it like the usual credit card. Bongga! I have my name on it and I heard that only few have it so I feel so special. 😊

Quick FX No Shine Mattifier Review

by 10:13 PM

Hey guys! I feel so exhausted today so I thought why not write another blog post? Haha. It's weird because instead of resting, I still choose to write because it makes me feel awesome 😆. Today is a quick review of a quick product haha.

Quick FX No Shine Mattifier
It says on the label that it is a moisturizer containing salicylic acid, chamomile and tea tree extract.  Wow tea tree and salicylic acid! They are known to help cure acne. Most of the beauty gurus or make up gurus today are raving about this product so I gave it a shot!

Where to buy?

How much?

The packaging of this product is very cute and handy. It comes in a squeezable clean pouch with a twist cap. I had a hard time looking for this product because it is always out of stock so I thought it was really  a great product. Then I finally got one after two weeks haha. By the way, this review is long overdue na hah. "Sorry na bhe 😯" I know this review may sound truism because it was reviewed by different bloggers already. But let me share nadin my thoughts about the product ok? Good! 😅 The consistency of this primer (it is well used as a primer instead of moisturizer) is so silicone-y. It hides pores and makes the application of BB Cream or foundation very easy. When you have this on your face, na ah! Forget about the blending techniques na haha. As labeled it is a No Shine Mattifier and yes it mattified my face surely but in terms of no shine? Meh! My oiliness next to ugliness is showing after 4 hours and it makes me more oily than usual. As in oiliness galore talaga up to the extent that I wanna donate some to Petron! Hahaha. So I just stopped using it because it's not hiyang for me (glad it is working well to others). I didn't experience breakouts naman but even if it contains salicylic and tea tree, I don't think it helps in curing acne.

Done! I hope you enjoyed this late night review. If you’ve tried this product, I wanna hear your feedback. Leave it down on the comment box now! I command you now! Haha of course I'm kidding just feel free to share your thoughts and questions on the comment box below ok? Good! 😁

Thank you and to God Bless you! 😊

The views and statement expressed above are solely based on my personal experience using the product. Effects may still vary on skin types. Bought the product from my own crying pocket. 😊

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream Review

by 1:43 PM

When Althea Korea officially launched their online shop here in the Philippines, I was given the chance to be one of the first shoppers to test how their online store works. Click here for the site review. I ordered couples of products including two tubes of Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in number 21 and 23. I picked two shades because I am not sure if 23 is too light or too dark for me. This will be a quick but honest review so let's start.

Where to buy?
Althea Korea

How much?

When the products arrived, I immediately swatched them to see what shade is for me. The shade 23 is just right to my skin tone. The problem is I'm acidic so there's a tendency for the bb cream to oxidize on my face. So I end up using number 21 which is a shade lighter on my face. During first application, I thought it is too light so I let it set and after 10 minutes the product oxidized and matched my skin tone. It has a semi-matte powdery finish which is perfect for oily skin. The problem is, this bb cream doesn't do much in terms of coverage. My dark spots are still visible so I am wondering how they came up with the title M Perfect Cover when it fact it has very light coverage. I think they should rename it to Missha M Light Cover BB cream haha ( Mj enough! Nangingi-alam ka nanaman haha). I must commend the smell oh so bango, it smells damn good! Though it is mabango, I never experienced breakouts using Missha. Yes I'm still having pimples occasionally. Specially that day of the month  char! Haha I mean stressful days of the month (loads of works). It evened out my skin tone and reduced redness. I also love the fact that it has SPF 42 PA+++ I feel protected from the harmful rays of the sun. It won't replace my favorite Tony Moly Petite Cotton BB Cream but I still use it everyday for office because of the spf specially it's summer time. We really need sunblock.

So there! I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have questions, feel free to ask on the comment box below and I'll be happy to answer. Have a sweet  day! 😊

Dining Experience: Brgy. Silog!

by 8:43 PM

Late last year, my partner and I were so happy because there's a Tapsi restaurant under construction near our place. After couples of weeks, they finally opened their shop to public. We were so excited and tried the said resto. Our experience??

During our first visit, we ordered Korean Teriyaki and BBQ with rice and egg. Their foods taste decent and we thought on coming back next time. I must commend their place because it is so clean and very pleasant. Mejo sosyal din talaga ang ambiance, thumbs up sya for the price super affordable. Your P40 to P70 will surely go a long way. I'll show you some pictures later. Then on our next visit, we tried porkchop with egg and rice and longsilog. Hmmm the foods taste not good this time. You know the taste of maanta? Sorry I don't know the English term for that haha. "Perfect ka? Lol just kidding." You know the taste of food when cooked with used cooking oil? We thought it will be just that time but during our last visit there, we ordered Hamsilog ( Ham, egg and Fried rice ), Longsilog and their newest chicken fillet. The foods taste the same ( cooked with abused cooking oil ). There's some sort of bitter after taste every after bite. Huhu. :( It saddened us so much because we love the place and the affordable price they offer. I hope they can do something about that.

We will never dine at Brgy. Silog again unless they can bring back the taste we used to remember when they first opened.

Here are some pictures for you:

Brgy. Silog Nagtahan Branch 

The statement above are based on our personal experience dining at the said restaurant.

Never Surround Yourself with Negative People

by 10:30 PM
Genuine smile comes from a happy soul. :)

Dealing with your everyday life isn't easy. We Filipinos are known for having smiling faces but the truth behind those colorful masks are sadness and stress. Why am I telling this to you, first of all, I want you to realize that you're not the only person who's going thru a problem or too much depression. Lucky you if your problems are like these;

   • What's my next gadget?
   • Where should I go next for my vacation?
   • What should I eat later?
   • What brand of clothes to buy next?
   • Urrg I want a new car
   • I want to go shopping
   • I want it, I want that because blah blah owns that blah blah owns it.

But are you really lucky? You keep on asking for too much but you're not working hard to achieve those. It's impossible to get them with just one snap.

While you're too much stress thinking all of those fancy things in life, there are millions of people asking for questions too. But their dilemma goes like these:

   • How can I eat?
   • Where should I get the money?
   • What is iPhone?
   • I wish I have two clothes to alternate
   • How to read/write
   • It looks so happy to dine at Jollibee
   • How can I buy meds
   • I wish we have a home
   • Wish we have our own comfort room
   • How it feels to work in the office?

And many more dilemmas of our unfortunate brothers and sisters who can't afford to study and build a decent life. Some of them doesn't even know how to use a smartphone. So if you're reading this, I am telling you you're so blessed because you have a smartphone/laptop or you can afford to rent an hour in the computer shop. It is not wrong or bad to dream of some fancy things. The point of this article is to let you realize and appreciate the blessings you already have. After all it is still you who will dictate where you wanna be so work hard and be thankful for whatever you have right now. The fact that you're currently reading this article  is an indication that you're so blessed. Dude! There are people who can't even read. See how blessed you are? I've told you. ;)

Wondering how did I come up with the title "Never surround yourself with negative people"? Read the first set of bullets again.  :)

Surround yourself with positive people and you will attract positive energy. Don't let insecurity eat you. I'm writing this because I just feel so blessed. We are so blessed in many different ways.

" I dare you to share this if you feel blessed"

Live with the King

by 2:09 PM
Every blogger's best friend is a smartphone. Admit it or not, bloggers love to take selfies and Instagram worthy photos. It is the most convenient way of photography nowadays. Even if you're a blogger or not, everyone today loves to take photos, who doesn't? It makes us proud and happy. Capturing the best moments of your life and posting them on your social media channels is the best way to tell the whole world your story and make you your own KING.

With the long list of brands of the best smartphones today, what would you choose? Always remember to buy a smartphone based on your needs and wants and it'll surely satisfy you (considering the budget of course).

Everyone is rejoicing when Huawei unveiled the Nexus 6P.

Here's my top five favorite features of the King of Android, Huawei Nexus 6P:

1. Nexus 6P's 12.3MP lens is the best all-around camera ever used in a Nexus. Where it really shines is in conditions with less than ideal lighting. The 1.55μm pixels captures more light, turning your best time into vivid, beautiful shots. With Google Camera, you never miss a moment. Google Photos makes memories easy to find, so you can relive them in an instant.

2. Nexus 6P's ergonomic fingerprint sensor keeps your Nexus 6P fast and secure. One simple touch lets you get at your apps, emails and photos on the go. And you can streamline your day by paying effortlessly and securely with Android Pay.

3. Running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Nexus 6P is the ultimate Android experience. Enjoy the freshest, fastest version. An evolving core keeps you up to date with the latest software. Pure and smart, Android 6.0 Marshmallow is matched by Huawei’s power and iconic design.

4. A sharp 5.7" WQHD AMOLED display gives stunning clarity with 518 pixels per inch, whilst a superior front-facing speaker offers crisp sound. Nexus 6P's hardware comes with the latest version of the octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor making the performance of Nexus 6P faster than ever. A long-lasting 3450mAh battery lets you go the distance with added support from a reversible USB Type-C for fast charging.

5. Nexus 6P’s curved metal shell is crafted from aeronautical-grade anodized aluminium. Diamond chamfers encircle Huawei’s iconic hardware design, which is sculpted to accent a low-light-loving, powerful camera.

The Huawei's new Nexus 6P will surely add color to my love (blogging). It will provide more stories and experiences that my readers will surely enjoy. That's guaranteed because it is a different feeling to "Live with the King." :)

This is my official entry to Nuffnang's blog contest. The views and the way I chose the top 5 features are my own prefences.

Tatiomax Glutathione Review & Giveaway

by 7:15 PM
Almost a month ago, I received a package from one of my favorite online stores (Ageless Beauty Potions) the parcel contains Tatiomax glutathione. I smiled from ear to ear because I'll be taking glutathione again wohooo!

Don’t rely on low dose Glutathione brands if you want faster effects. See the magic in just 2 weeks. 100% Genuine and Effective. Superior Formulation a Premium brand at an affordable price. You’ll also feel healthier in just 2 weeks. Skin becomes clearer too, pores becomes finer, and you’ll have a rosy white glow. Tatiomax Glutathione softgel is one of the body’s most important and powerful anti oxidants, helping to detoxify xenobiotics.

BFAD and HALAL Approved

Where to buy?

How much?

If you're a follower of my blog, you probably read my review of their Tatiomax Hydrolyzed Collagen which was a gift from my good friend Kaycee A.K.A Kikaysikat. I have high hopes with this Glutathione variant since their collagen actually works. Like the collagen, it also comes in a nice bottle container with big softgels in it (hard to swallow again) lol. Upon opening the bottle, a mild rotten-egg-like smell said hi to me and I literally chuckled haha (sign of an authentic glutathione). I'm taking this every night 30 minutes before bed time just like what I always do. I'm now on my third week and I can definitely say that it works! Yes it works! My skin achieved a shade lighter again and my tan lines were gone caused by my afternoon walks going to work. Oh please MMDA please put more  pedestrian lanes along Quezon Ave. Please. Thank God I am no longer in midshift haha. I've noticed that my skin has this lighting effect, it's not milkish effect eh, it has some sort of white-pinkish glow from the inside (parang umiilaw lalo pag natapat sa araw) and my nerves are very visible again. I still have one more bottle to finish and I will update this once done. By the way, I didn't notice any negative  effects like breakouts, burning sensation on my throat, headaches  or weight gain non at all.

Good thing Ageless Beauty Potions sent me 4 bottles and I will be sharing you guys 2 bottles. Yes! There will be two winners. Sounds great? There's more! I will be giving away a special prize to the third placer. Yay! So there will be 3 winners yahooo!  I wanna see you smile from ear to ear too hehe.

How to join?
All you have to do is like and follow :)

1. Like us on Facebook Vanity Room Philippines and
2. Follow us on Twitter @beautypotions01 and @mjgarciaperez24
3. Follow us on Instagram @agelessbeautypotions and @mjamesperez
4. Comment in this blog "Done" and why should you win Tatiomax Glutathione

Example: Done! I should win Tatiomax Glutathione because I wanna be fab!

Best answers will of course win the prizes. Be active on Ageless Beauty Potions social media sites too for greater chance of winning.

(Make sure to follow us on social media channels as we are closely checking it)

Thanks and may the odds be ever in your favor! :D

The products were sent for review purposes. The views and statement above are my honest opinion and my personal experience using the product/services. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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