Never Surround Yourself with Negative People

Genuine smile comes from a happy soul. :)

Dealing with your everyday life isn't easy. We Filipinos are known for having smiling faces but the truth behind those colorful masks are sadness and stress. Why am I telling this to you, first of all, I want you to realize that you're not the only person who's going thru a problem or too much depression. Lucky you if your problems are like these;

   • What's my next gadget?
   • Where should I go next for my vacation?
   • What should I eat later?
   • What brand of clothes to buy next?
   • Urrg I want a new car
   • I want to go shopping
   • I want it, I want that because blah blah owns that blah blah owns it.

But are you really lucky? You keep on asking for too much but you're not working hard to achieve those. It's impossible to get them with just one snap.

While you're too much stress thinking all of those fancy things in life, there are millions of people asking for questions too. But their dilemma goes like these:

   • How can I eat?
   • Where should I get the money?
   • What is iPhone?
   • I wish I have two clothes to alternate
   • How to read/write
   • It looks so happy to dine at Jollibee
   • How can I buy meds
   • I wish we have a home
   • Wish we have our own comfort room
   • How it feels to work in the office?

And many more dilemmas of our unfortunate brothers and sisters who can't afford to study and build a decent life. Some of them doesn't even know how to use a smartphone. So if you're reading this, I am telling you you're so blessed because you have a smartphone/laptop or you can afford to rent an hour in the computer shop. It is not wrong or bad to dream of some fancy things. The point of this article is to let you realize and appreciate the blessings you already have. After all it is still you who will dictate where you wanna be so work hard and be thankful for whatever you have right now. The fact that you're currently reading this article  is an indication that you're so blessed. Dude! There are people who can't even read. See how blessed you are? I've told you. ;)

Wondering how did I come up with the title "Never surround yourself with negative people"? Read the first set of bullets again.  :)

Surround yourself with positive people and you will attract positive energy. Don't let insecurity eat you. I'm writing this because I just feel so blessed. We are so blessed in many different ways.

" I dare you to share this if you feel blessed"

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