Quick FX No Shine Mattifier Review

Hey guys! I feel so exhausted today so I thought why not write another blog post? Haha. It's weird because instead of resting, I still choose to write because it makes me feel awesome 😆. Today is a quick review of a quick product haha.

Quick FX No Shine Mattifier
It says on the label that it is a moisturizer containing salicylic acid, chamomile and tea tree extract.  Wow tea tree and salicylic acid! They are known to help cure acne. Most of the beauty gurus or make up gurus today are raving about this product so I gave it a shot!

Where to buy?

How much?

The packaging of this product is very cute and handy. It comes in a squeezable clean pouch with a twist cap. I had a hard time looking for this product because it is always out of stock so I thought it was really  a great product. Then I finally got one after two weeks haha. By the way, this review is long overdue na hah. "Sorry na bhe 😯" I know this review may sound truism because it was reviewed by different bloggers already. But let me share nadin my thoughts about the product ok? Good! 😅 The consistency of this primer (it is well used as a primer instead of moisturizer) is so silicone-y. It hides pores and makes the application of BB Cream or foundation very easy. When you have this on your face, na ah! Forget about the blending techniques na haha. As labeled it is a No Shine Mattifier and yes it mattified my face surely but in terms of no shine? Meh! My oiliness next to ugliness is showing after 4 hours and it makes me more oily than usual. As in oiliness galore talaga up to the extent that I wanna donate some to Petron! Hahaha. So I just stopped using it because it's not hiyang for me (glad it is working well to others). I didn't experience breakouts naman but even if it contains salicylic and tea tree, I don't think it helps in curing acne.

Done! I hope you enjoyed this late night review. If you’ve tried this product, I wanna hear your feedback. Leave it down on the comment box now! I command you now! Haha of course I'm kidding just feel free to share your thoughts and questions on the comment box below ok? Good! 😁

Thank you and to God Bless you! 😊

The views and statement expressed above are solely based on my personal experience using the product. Effects may still vary on skin types. Bought the product from my own crying pocket. 😊
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