Shop Online Without Credit Card Using PayMaya

Hey there guys! Special mention to those online shoppers there like me  wohooo! Online stores nowadays are offering wide range of payment methods but I just discovered an easier way. Credit card! Ooops don't worry because you don't have to wait long time to be approved when applying for credit card. Also, you don't have to worry about the interest, annual fee and all that shocking fees showing on your SOA because it is a virtual credit card. Yup! It is that cool, virtual!

What is PayMaya?
PayMaya is a free app that allows anyone to shop online even without a credit card. Just download the app, load up, and shop!

Where can I use my PayMaya?
You can use it for online purchases at any store that accepts PayMaya or Visa. Shop online for clothes and gadgets, purchase concert and movie tickets, buy games and in-app purchases or get the best travel deals for your next vacation!

Infor credits to PayMaya official site. To know more about how it works, visit:

I'm just so excited to share you my experience using PayMaya because it is so cool. All you need to do is download the app on Google Play or Apple Store. Two days ago, I used it to purchase my own domain name at and right now I am shopping at Lazada! It's awesome! How do you like my new domain name and blog design? It's all for you and because of you. So I would like to send my warmest  hugs to everyone muah! muah! So back to the PayMaya app keme haha. I was able to use it as regular credit card. Once you've successfully register an account, there will be a virtual credit card like this:
Photo credit to official

Showing your credit card details. Before using it, you need to load it up of course! They offer wide range of loading options for your convenience. Click here to view. In my case, I used my BDO online banking and it's working perfectly fine. The downside is you need to wait 2 hours for the amount to be credited to your PayMaya account. Don't get nervous because that's the allotted processing time. I will show you how it looks like when you've successfully loaded your PayMaya account here:

After reloading, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and shop baby! Yes! Use your brand new virtual credit card. By the way, you will also receive text alerts every incoming and outgoing transactions on your registered number.  This includes reloading and online purchases like this:

You can also review the transactions you've made thru your PayMaya app. It's cool, it's safe,  it's free and easy! Go ahead and download the app now and avoid the hassle of going to different payment centers to pay for your online orders via  ( Dragon Pay, Hello Pay etc. )

By the way, your virtual card can be upgraded to reality haha yes! You can have your real PayMaya card. I just upgraded mine and waiting for it to be approved. Once you have your card upgraded, you'll have the privilege to withdraw the amount you have on your PayMaya account and tap it on your next LRT ride. How cool is that?  I'll update you guys the moment  I received my card.

Hope this review helps. Tell me what you think on the comment box below and let's talk. 😀

God Bless you awesome peeps! 😊

Update: (05/06/2016)

I received my personalized card already and I was able to use it like the usual credit card. Bongga! I have my name on it and I heard that only few have it so I feel so special. 😊

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