Ishigaki Premium White Soap Review

I wanna say sorry for this review because it is so late again haha. I just saw my draft last November and here it is:

After trying Ishigaki Premium Glutathione, I've decided to try Ishigaki Premium White Soap too with the hopes that it will also bring me good result. I know most of you are familiar with it already. Perhaps you've seen it on your timeline or Instagram feeds. You're maybe curious too if it is effective or not so Here I am again sharing my review about this soap. 😊



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The packaging is so simple. It comes in a rectangular blue box indicating the brand name, manufacturer, ingredients etc. The soap itself is purely white and it smells so nice. A combination of vanila and baby powder scent will surely make your nose the happiest. It actually reminds me of SVR Infinity soap. They have similarities in terms of smell and appearance. As usual, it makes me excited to take a bath when I am trying a new soap (Don't say you're not, konyatan kita haha). On my first day, holy cow! It was so drying oh no! I over soaked it on my skin. My dead skin cells fell off when I dried my arms with towel. Though it didn't sting, it was really drying so I immediately grabbed my lotion and drank it haha rub it on my arms and legs. 😂
On my second day, it wasn't that drying haha. I don't know with my skin. (I think aside from it's sensitive, it's abnormal too haha). Until I finished two bars of Ishigaki Premium the dryness wasn't the same compared to my first trial. I like that it was able to erased the mosquito bites on my legs. Meaning, it's effective. The bar melts easily because it's cold processed, meaning it doesn't have much fillers so the ingredients can be easily absorbed by our skin.

I won't recommend this soap to people with super dry skin. But I  will certainly recommend this to people who have normal to combination skin. It will surely deliver great result. Just don't over soak it as much as I did haha.

This soap is really a must try soap. It's promising! I can compare this soap with your favorite kojic acid soap or glutathione soap. What makes this soap special is the smell and the fact that it doesn't sting. I hope this review helps and if you want me to try other soaps, please recommend on the comment box below. Thank you and God Bless! 😊

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