Nia-Koji Lightener Soap Review

Talking about whitening products, kojic acid soap is definitely a great option to eat. No! I mean to consider hahaha. Two weeks ago, I received a product called Nia Koji Lightener Soap for Sensitive Skin. Oh my goodness! The title is as long as North Luzon Expressway haha. Why Britwayz? Why? Haha.


Aveya Beauty Nia-Koj Lightener Soap is revolutionary treatment that encourages youthful collagen to plump through, brighter, hydrated, stronger, and firmer skin tone by stimulating derma cell production. It uses safe and effective ingredients that can help you naturally achieve the dramatic look that, until recently, was only possible with surgery or dangerous chemical treatments.

Ingredients, Instruction and other details:

Where to buy?
Britwayz Online Shop

How much?

Honestly, I didn't get too much excitement when I received the product because I thought it was just another kojic soap to try. Not until I opened the parcel, a strong candy-like smell bombarded my air-conditioned room and I was like? Oh ok I was shocked haha. So I got interested to try this product on my body only and I followed the instruction indicated on the box.

The soap is kinda pricey for its size (3.5oz) and the texture is a little bit rough. It seems that it has microbeads for exfoliation. I used it for not more than 30 seconds on my first bath and same way on the second and third. After two days, I've decided to leave it on my skin for 5 minutes like I usually do in all the soaps I've tried. In fairness, it didn't sting hah so I continued using the product following my 5 minute ritual until the 8th day. Oh my gosh! I've got some rashes on my legs, armpits and chest. I am so disappointed because I saw some improvements on my skin tone but I've got some super itchy rashes so I put on my favorite Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Soothing Gel every after wash.

As you can see, I've got some tiny bumps on my legs and my skin is super dry. It is so itchy.
I have no one to blame but myself again because I dared myself to broke the instruction given on the box. I thought I am hiyang with the product because I didn't notice any irritation on my first and second day but I was wrong. In all fairness to this soap hah, the tan lines caused by my last swimming were erased. In terms of whitening, this soap is super effective but I won't compromise my skin's health just to make myself fairer. Currently, I'm still using it but I only use it for 20 seconds and my rashes are now slowly healing. To be honest, I will consider in giving this soap another try following the right routine but I only received one bar of the product so I think I will continue using it next time because I still have some products to review.


• Effective in whitening
• Microbeads
• Cold processed


• Too strong
• It caused me rashes
• A bit pricey
• Not readily available in the market
• The soap is a bit small for its price

Who do I recommend this product?
I recommend the product to those who don't have sensitive skin. Please take my review as a guide.

This is a sponsored review. Britwayz sent out a sample of their product for consideration. The views and statement above were based on my personal experience and opinion using the product.
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