Sebum Out Finish Powder Review

Powder is the oily person's best friend. Am I correct or am I right? Haha. I love buying powders because it makes my face looks fresh and clean plus it helps in prolonging the life of the bb cream or sunblock you put on your face. When I tested Althea Korea's first ever online shop here in the Philippines, I've included this Sebum Out Finish Powder from W-Lab in my cart because it says on the description page that it's editor's favorite too. Sounds intriguing huh?


Jewelry mixed powder 1,000ppm, arnica extract, gentian extract, aloe leaf extract. Controls the sebaceous glands, prevents greasy shine and stickiness of the skin.

How much?

Where to Buy?
Althea Korea

So it says on the description page that it is made of jewelry mixed powder. You heard it right! It is made of amethyst powder, tourmaline nephrite powder, pearl powder, ruby powder, amber powder and coral powder. Edi wow! This is surely precious haha. It also contains Arnica extract that improves blood circulation and nutrition of the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory that penetrates deep into the epidermis. Amazing! Those are impressive ingredients that'll surely oblige you to add this to your cart isn't it? I am first impressed with the smell of this product, it has a mild candy-like smell. I love that the puff that it came with is super soft and they actually brag about it. They say that the secret of this powder is in the puff.

I must agree with them because it is so easy to use and it feels good when you rub or dub it on your face. It comes in a small circle powder case containing 24mg of the product (that's pretty plenty).

A little goes a long way. You don't really need to put on too much of the product just to make you look fresh, a round of dubbing is good enough. I am so in love because 6 hours after application, I still look fresh and less oily. I mean the oiliness is still picking through but you can see that it looks healthy than haggard. I like it better than Innisfree (but I love Innisfree too hah). It's just that there's something in this powder that makes me look fresher and healthy.

Here's a picture of me wearing this powder:

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For those who don't know me yet, I am the one wearing braces. My skin is a little red because I just came from the beach and yes I had some tan lines. Huhu.

What I like:

• Staying power
• Mildness (It didn't cause me breakouts)
• Smells good
• It makes my face look healthy
• Handy (tho it contains lots of products)
• The puff it came with is magic

What I don't like:

•  A bit pricey
• Not locally available

I will surely buy another one when I finished this one.

This is not a sponsored review. The views and statement above were based on my personal opinion and experience using the product.
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