Sky Broadband Review

I was so freaking disappointed with my old broadband provider (Sun Broadband) because it was so slow as in most of the time, I have no connection so I've decided to switch provider and I chose Sky Broadband. Imagine from Sun to Sky! They're near from one another aren't they? Hahaha.

Sky Broadband
Photo credits to their official website

All SKYbroadband plans come with a FREE Wi-Fi modem, built to boost the internet connection inside your house. Imagine having fast and reliable internet in every nook and cranny of your home!

How to avail?
Visit: Sky Broadband Website "Click here"

How much?
P999.00/month (on top of our cable bills)

I am not so techie hah so I'll just write my review based on my experience. The unlimited package they offer made me chose Sky. I've also asked some of my friends who are using Sky and they're satisfied with the service. Since we already have a cable plan, we just added this on top of our monthly bills. We only paid one month advance and they immediately installed the router, cable wires and all. When I say immediately, it is as fast as a blink of an eye haha. I was so desperate for internet connection last March so I let them rushed it (Demanding haha). We chose 3mbps Plan and so far it's so good. It's fast, reliable and consistent. It's our second month using Sky and we haven't encountered any issues yet and hopefully no issues this coming months and years.

Speed test result:

What I like:

• Browsing: Fast
• Streaming: Fast
• Gaming: Fast
• Downloading: Fast
• Uploading: Fast
• Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: Fast
• They're always posting notice on their FB if they'll be having system enhancement in your area. Hey! I'm even receiving text alerts! Good job! 😊

What I don't like:

• Their user interface's dashboard is hard to understand unlike the other UI of other providers.
• Their router is a bit huge or spacious ( I don't mind it much 😁) Here's our router:

As of now, they can only install in selected areas. Visit their website to inquire if your area is included.

Hope this helps for those who are planning to get an internet provider and for those who are switching. 😊 ❤ 

The views and statement above are solely based on my personal opinion and experience using the service. I'm paying my monthly bills from my own pocket.

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