Tony Moly Lab AC Control BB Cream Review

When I was walking around, I turned around and walked around haha (nahilo kayo? Lol). Seriously, I was walking around SM Manila last week when Tony Moly said hello to me again and I said no way! (But my feet brought me inside the store hahahaha). To cut my long story short, I bought another product. 😂

What ?

Tony Moly AC Control BB Cream with SPF30 PA++


How much?

Where to buy?
Tony Moly Stores

Product swatch:

The reason why I purchased this product is because it promises to heal acne so you'll get a bb cream and an acne solution in one. Though, we all know that blemish balms or BB creams are more than just a cosmetic. BB creams are also loaded with multiple skin benefits so an acne remedy is a great add up. This bb cream is containing a lot of natural ingredients such as Sciadopitys, Verticillata root extract, Phyto Oligo, Sage, Bill berry, Centella asiatica extract, Orange and sprout complex. Well all of those ingredients are aiming to help soothe irritated skin, reduce the redness and to keep our face moisturized and of course improve the overall appearance of our complexion.

I super love the packaging of this product because it looks so manly and simple. The sleek squeezable tube contains 35ml of the product. The smell is very similar to my favorite Tony Moly Petite Cotton BB Cream but this one has a little smell of medicine (maybe that's the one for acne yey!). It gives me a matte powder finished but I still top it with my favorite Sebum Out Finish Powder just to make sure my face won't mess up because I don't trust the oil factory inside my pores hahahaha. It has a decent coverage like light to medium but you can achieve a full coverage by adding up a second layer.

It is so lightweight that you can't even feel that there's something on your face. By the way, highway, railway system of the Philippines hahaha it comes in one shade only. It is not indicated on the box if it is light beige or number 01 or what so ever. Good thing it matched my skin tone and blends well on my rocky road oh I mean face 😂.  I can feel that it helps in drying out my pimples. However, it is a little bit itchy on the part of pimple affected area only not the whole face. Perhaps the healing power is doing its job! 😊 Here's my picture 6 hours after the application:

I think I'm loving this bb cream. Imagine, I commuted from Mendiola to Eton Centris and walked around Quezon Avenue but still, I looked not so oily. Good job! I also didn't experience breakouts using this baby. Instead, it helps in drying out my pimples in a very mild way. This one's surely for the books and I'll wear it everyday going to office. 😊❤
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