Why It's Called Dirty Ice Cream?

If there is one food that sets my mood, that's ice cream. When I'm mad, weary and happy, ice cream is my go to comfort food. Be it Selecta, Melona, Magnolia, Dairy Queen, Häagen-Dazs or sorbet, I will eat it haha. There's something in ice cream that makes me happy. If you are following me on Instagram, you'll see some photos of ice cream there haha. Actually, the story why I love eating ice cream is because when I was young, my grandma used to bribe me with ice cream everytime I threw tantrums because I wanna play outside haha (Yes! I was a hard headed kid. Lol.)

One of the most famous ice creams here in the Philippines is called sorbet or dirty ice cream. It is usually made of coconut milk flavored with local Philippine fruits. Historians say that Filipinos use coconut milk instead of animal's milk because Philippines is rich with coconut trees. You're not a Filipino if you don't eat sorbetes. Who can say no to this affordable but deliciously refreshing dessert? When I posted a picture of me pushing the cart of dirty ice cream on my social media channels, I've received some comments why it's called dirty ice cream? So here are the reasons:

1. It's called dirty ice cream because it was a mom's warning to a kid wanting to eat an ice cream that's being sold on the street.

2. The vendors usually don't wear gloves. Though, the buns and wafer cones were wrapped with napkins, the name stuck and retained its name, dirty ice cream.

3. Our moms used to tell us that the tip of the wafer cone is being used by the vendors to get their nose cakes. Yayks! I know it's gross but that's not true hahaha.

The truth is, it's not really dirty. I love eating sorbet and putting it in a bread bun. I have high respect to the peddlers because even if they don't have a permanent stand, they walk around the city streets just to deliver us the best tasting ice cream in the world.

Here are some of my ice cream selfies haha:

Kulang pa to haha

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