Ageless Vanity Giveaway Winners

Many of you guys are so active in our FB Page and here in our blog. I would like to thank you all for participating our #AgelessVanityGiveaway.  Many of you deserve to win but these two winners showed their full support anytime of the day everyday here and in our social media channels.

I chose Anthony Gelle Pregonero because he is consistently liking every posts in our social media channels. He is always active anytime of the day. Lhei Narciso already won in our April Giveaway. I chose her as one of the winners again because she is consistent in commenting here in our blog and she keeps on joining the discussions and giving opinion in a very relevant way.

To Anthony and Lhei, please send me your shipping details via PM on Facebook so I can ship your Detox White Glutathione. Congrats! 😊

To those who didn't win,

We'll have another giveaway for the month of July.  This time, I'll choose the best commenter of the month solely here in our blog and on Facebook. The prizes are random and it's a surprise. 😂 It doesn't matter if you won already in my past giveaways so long that I can sense that you're truly part of VanityFriends. Actually, there's this one guy that I would like to choose as the winner too because he is so active too but unfortunately, I can only afford two bottles for the giveaway because I just paid my sister's tuition fee. (Wow! Butihing kapatid and inyong lingkod hindi lang halata haha. 😂) Anyway, he recently won naman sa VitaPack Giveaway natin. Yes! I bought the Detox White from my own pocket but with a discount of course haha! Hi Dennis Albaño Balbacal😊

Thank you all and God Bless us always. 😊 ❤
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