Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream SPF 50 Review

Another product that I've found stocked in my vanity cabinet is this BB Cream that my sister sent me from UAE. I actually requested for this product because I've watched some good reviews about it on YouTube. It's so  funny because I forgot that I have so many products in my cabinet and then I am surprised that I actually have them because I thought they don't exist haha. (Yung nasasabi mo sa sarili mo: Uy meron pala ko nito magamit nga haha).

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream SPF 50

Where to buy?
UAE (Not sure if it's available locally)

How much?
P600 to P700 in our currency

Remember my review about Battle of Moisturizing Soaps? The Jergens soap and Nivea Shower Cream were delivered to me together with this bb cream, nivea bb cream and lots of foods all the way from UAE. Yupe! I am a spoiled brother haha. So going back to the corner where I first saw you (you like that sing along? haha). Going back to the bb cream keme, I received the product with its new packaging. Slimmer and more handy. The old packaging was wider and YouTubers said that the old one has thicker consistency and light coverage. Having that said, I hate the tube's cap because it is so messy. Look:

I super love the smell of Garnier BB Cream because it smells good (amoy imported 😂). Blending is also not a problem because of its runny consistency. It gives a semi dewy finish and medium coverage with a little sticky feeling. What I hate about the product is I oil up so much using this bb cream as in super oiliness to the max. I'm sorry I forgot to take some pictures while wearing Garnier BB Cream as I immediately removed it because I hate that super sticky oily feeling so I just swatched it on my arms for you.

• Smell
• Coverage
• SPF50

• Sticky
• Hard to find
• Messy

Nothing is special about this bb cream aside from the smell which I super love. But in terms of longevity and coverage? Na ah! I'll still choose Tony Moly. 😊 ❤

I still recommend this product if you have dry skin. By the way, I've got the shade Light.
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