Grunged Up Matte Molding Wax by Bench

When I was in college, Bench has been my go to shop to buy some colognes, body sprays, undies, polo shirts, pants, hair wax and those colorful baby towels that most of us went crazy buying. I don't know but when you have those Bench towels, you're cool way back then. Me and my colleagues used to spin the towel using our index fingers. 😂 (JeJeDays) hahaha relate much? 😂. Their hair wax was the first wax that I've tried on my hair and I'm using it until now. Well of course, I used to put Youngs Styling Gel (Yung tag te-tres) prior to bench. Uyy naka relate nanaman sila haha. I have so many reviews to be done but let me share to you shortly why I'm in love with their hair wax.

Grunged Up Matte Molding Wax - Bench

FIX Professional Grunged up is a molding wax that creates a natural, matte, layered hairstyle.

Where to buy?
Do you really need to know this? Haha (Bench Stores nationwide)

How much?

A busy office guy like me really needs a quick way to prepare myself and the way I look going to work. Just like when I was still studying, I used to rush myself every morning just to go to school. This Bench hair wax makes my everyday hair styling very easy and quick without compromising the style of course. It holds my hair the whole day while giving it a nice no shine look. I like my hair to be matte finished looking. Gone were the days wherein a super shinny hair like you've been licked by a cow is in. Haha (I admit that I used to like that style. 😂)

It leaves my hair smelling nice even if I'm having a hard time shampooing it because of the said wax. I also like the fact that it doesn't cause me dandruff and pimples on my forehead. I've tried other brands but they broke my forehead with tiny bumps. Here are some pictures of me wearing Bench hair wax:

PS: I bet you also used to love Bench's Atlantis and So-In-Love body sprays. 😊

I hope you enjoyed this short story telling haha. Naka relate kb? Feel free to leave a comment below.
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