GT Carrot Lotion with SPF60 Review

Lotions with instant whitening effect are so hip today. For the people who would like to have a fairer skin, this will be a quick temporary alternative while you're in the process of making your complexion whiter. Many brands are offering their own version of  instant whitening lotion and it's hard to decide which one to buy. Don't worry, I'm here to help you. 😊  It's always worth to read some reviews first before buying anything because I still believe that word of mouth is powerful.

This lotion was sitting on my vanity cabinet for quite some time now. I have lots of lotions to be honest that's why I never had the chance to use it. I just bought the product because my friend told me that it is amazing. Hmmm let's see.

GT Carrot Lotion with SPF60


Where to buy?
Zimbabwe (chos!) Watsons 😂

How much?

Three days ago, I was cleaning my vanity cabinet and this lotion was looking at me teary-eyed as if begging me to use her and I said, ohhh come to papa hahaha. 😂 That's the story! I opened the product and I was trying to squeeze the tube but nothing was coming out and I was like: dang! Don't get mad at me dude! Then I realized that the hole was sealed with foil. Stupid me! 😭

It comes in a squeezable tube containing 100ml of happiness. Yes I labeled it as happiness because the smell of this product is so enchanting. Its runny consistency will surely make a blast when you rub it all over your arms and legs. It really gives instant whitening effect. Wow! As in wow tlga. I think it's making me a shade or two lighter. It feels like you're wearing a bb cream on your limbs. Here's a proof:

It's a little sticky upon application but the stickiness disappears after the product dried up. What also making me want to use it everyday is the SPF60. It's a cheaper alternative to expensive sunblock. I also like the fact that it contains beta carotene which is a great antioxidant and can help lighten dark spots by inhibiting the production of melanin. I think the downside of this product is it is not water proof and it doesn't look appealing when your skin gets sprinkled with water or any liquid. It's not appropriate to use during rainy season. I should've used it last summer huhu. Anyway, I'll still use this product when it's not raining because I so love it. Hehe.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who's planning to buy an instant whitening lotion. Or those who are  looking for a cheaper alternative to sunblock. This product is really amazing. I hope it can also whiten our skin in the long run.
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