Optive Lubricant Eye Drops (My Eyes' Best Friend)

Last week, I visited my Ophthalmologist because my eyes were always feeling tired and it leads to headache. I thought I needed to upgrade my eye glasses but my doctor said it's still updated. So he checked my eyes and found out that my astigmatism is getting more serious and my eyes are irritated and super dry so he prescribed me to use:

Allergan Optive

This scientifically advanced lubricant eye drop provides Dry Eye symptom relief through an innovative, triple-action, preservative-free formula. It’s clinically proven to relieve your dry, burning, irritated eyes due to Dry Eye.

Where to buy?
Mercury drugstore

How much?

My eyes are always tired everyday. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I'll look for is my cell phone then I'll get my laptop and check my emails while eating breakfast. After that, I'll go to work which I am in front of the computer for the whole 9 hours. After work, I need to grab my laptop again to make my blog posts and all. Imagine how tiring those activities to my eyes? I bet most of you have the same routine or some are even worst. No wonder my eyes are so dry and irritated. Not anymore because a pinch of this Optive Lubricant Eye Drop will solve the problem. It feels refreshing and moisturizing so your eyes will surely thank you for that. I use this 4 times a day as my doctor said and my eyes are getting better now. I will continue to use this product even if the irritation is gone.

If your eyes are dry and irritated too, go ahead and ask your doctor about Optive. It is indeed effective and soothing. 😊
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