The Rise of The #NowNation "PayMaya"

Months ago, I've posted how I love using my PayMaya App for my online shopping here in our blog. You can read the full review by "clicking here"Today, I want you to meet the new ambassadors of PayMaya because I was luckily invited to this #NowNation event.

The new ambassadors of PayMaya

Carlo Atendido, DJ Champion; Seph Cham, Lifestyle Guru; Camille Co, Style Maven; Chichi Yuvienco Tullao, Foodie Extraordinaire; Jonas Roque, Weekend Wandering Warrior; and Alyssa Valdez, Phenom of Philippine Volleyball. Joining them is Ram Cortez, PayMaya’s new student ambassador who won the PayMaya's social media search.

The event was held at 12 Monkeys Music Hall, Century Mall Makati. It was hosted by the beautiful Saab Magalona. It was such a great experience because we played some games with exciting prizes and we were also provided with a Passport that we need to stamp in order for us to claim some tokens. But there's a catch, they installed 3 stations in the place wherein we need to play games and quizzes in order to have our passport stamped. It was an exciting experience attending this event because we were able to meet and bond with the new ambassadors and the bosses of Voyager Innovations and PayMaya. I must commend the team who organized this event because it was successful and we had so much fun. Not to mention the foods and entertainment provided in the area.

PayMaya is truly a game changer. Everything is being so techie today and we all want instant because of our busy days. PayMaya makes our everyday activities easier. From booking your Uber ride, Ordering foods from Food Panda, Shopping on your favorite online shop, booking your next flight, tapping it on your next train ride, listening to your favorite music online, buying game credits and many more. Actually, they recently announced that peeps from BGC can now use PayMaya in their bus rides. Furthermore, PayMaya is about to grow this coming weeks because they'll be partnering with the leading Telco company here in the Philippines, with the leading Airlines and with the Leading social media provider in the world. Wow! It's like in our every activity PayMaya can help us make it easier. For me, it is better to own this reloadable card than having a credit card because we have full access and control in our spending and the best thing is, we don't have to deal with the shocking interest and annual fees.

Many people are now using PayMaya including me. Go ahead and download the App now and be part of this cool growing nation. #NowYouCan #PayMayaMoNow #NowNation

PS. I actually used PayMaya today when I booked my Uber ride going home. 😊

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