Wendy's 5 for 125 Meal

You know how I love amazing deals and I always share them here in our humble blog. Last week, we went to SM Centerpoint to buy new sleeves for my new laptop. Yey! 😊 I craved for Wendy's frosty so I've asked my partner if we can buy because I have cough during that time so I had to asked for permission haha. We both agreed and went to Wendy's. There's a banner outside for their newest promo called 5 for 125 meal and I said wow! Let's try that and so we did! 😊


All Wendy's branch nationwide

How much?

This meal is so sulit because you'll get 5 different foods for only P125. (Ang kulit ko 125 pesos nga oo na! Haha). You'll get their famous cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, macaroni salad, gelatin and a regular drink. I super love their cheeseburger because it is made of pure beef and real cheese. To be honest, I haven't tried their chicken nuggets before that's why I was so happy that it is included in their 5 for 125 meal. I am in love with my first bite and I kept on biting till I ordered another set of nuggets haha. I am not a fan of macaroni salad so my partner finished that one for me. Their gelatin tastes great too. I like its texture and the color is appetizing. I must also commend Wendy's for having clean facilities. I don't know if it's only me but all of the branches I've visited were clean.

I saw on their FB Page that the promo is all year round. Yehey! 😊

All in all, we enjoyed the meal and it's definitely a bang for the buck deal. What are you waiting for? Visit the nearest Wendy's now because you deserve more! 😊
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