Best Whitening Soaps in The Philippines

To start with, I just want to clarify that I am not a soap expert. Should I consider myself as whitening soap enthusiast instead? Seriously, whitening soap is my favorite vanity weapon which is also why I have so many in my cabinet. Different brands, colors, shapes, sizes and made. Truly, I have tried many whitening soaps here in the Philippines so allow me to share to you which brand works for me and which one I love to eat. Yes, I sometimes chew soap when I'm hungry (Ooops! Gullible alert haha!) of course, I'm just kidding. Don't eat your soap otherwise your mouth will produce bubbles and your eyes will turn white all over hahaha.

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Best Whitening Soaps in The Philippines

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I am receiving lots of questions like what is the best whitening soap for me blah blah blah hope this article will serve as my answer. :) This is really quick so let's imagine that I am answering tito Boy's fast talk. :D

Let's start! 1,2,3 go!

I don't like it to be honest. It's not producing enough bubbles plus I feel that the soap contains more fillers than its ingredients. I didn't notice any improvement on my skin. No micro peeling, no tingling effect nothing at all. (Buti pa sa safeguard nag pepeel ako haha). But but but! It's not drying huh. That's I think the edge of this soap. It smells good and not drying. End of the story.

This soap is so effective but it's drying too. You just need to soak it on your skin for not more than 2 minutes unless your skin is not sensitive and dry. The soap melts easily.

Effective too but it's expensive for a maintenance soap. Love the floral smell and the super micro beads. It lightened my fresh scar on my right knee a bit. Recommended for burgis out there. :D

  • Psalmstre New Placenta with Goat's Milk
One of the most effective in terms of whitening but it gave me rashes all over my body. Not recommended if you have sensitive skin. It burns like hell after a week of using.

After finishing 2 bars of Le Putih Whitening Radish Soap, I've noticed a more glowing skin even if I'm in low light or inside my room or house. I knew it's effective because the insect bites I've got on my left arm disappeared faster.

  • Beauche Kojic Soap

A bit expensive but promising soap. It somehow lightened my skin but it didn't impress me that much. Smells like candy. Hard to find.

  • Dr. Alvin's Kojic Soap

This soap is so effective. I even tried it on my face and it didn't cause me breakout. My face is sensitive so I just tried it on my face for a week. It's not overly drying but will surely ripped off your dead skin cells. I love it but it's a bit expensive and there are fake sellers of this soap so beware. I used it on my body too and it was great. One of my favorites. :)

  • Belo Whitening Soap Pink

Not effective for me but I like the smell. It was just like your favorite family soap.

  • Silka Papaya Soap Orange and Green

Somehow effective but you have to really patronize the product for like 6 months or so for you to see the effect because it contains so much fillers. Smells good though. (My high school soap because my sister was crowned as BB. Silka so we had so much supplies like boxes haha.)

  • Gluta C Intensive Whitening Soap

This soap is really working. It has a very nice smell. It is not very fast in terms of skin lightening but I noticed a more radiant skin after finishing few bars of this soap.

  • Cyleina Black Pearl Soap

The cool soap haha. Promise it has a cooling effect. A bit expensive and I didn't notice any whitening after finishing two bars.

  • Sutla Flawless Papaya Soap

Another favorite. It's so affordable like 3 pcs for P100. I super love the packaging because it looks like a peach mango pie. Super effective in skin lightening and not that drying pa. It's hard to find though. It's not readily available in supermarket but you can purchase online. Smells like candy too and it melts easily.

My first ever soap review. I like it because it's really effective. You'll see micro peeling every after bath.
Smells like perfume and it doesn't melt easily. Not readily available so you have to order it online.

I seriously tried it on my skin and it did harm and caused me rashes around my tummy. Some said it's effective but I won't recommend a laundry soap for our precious skin. Take my review as a guide.

  • Likas Papaya

Used to be so effective during my college days but when I tried it last year, it seems that I got darker. I don't know but my skin looks dull and darker when I used Likas again. I was so sad because it used to be my favorite soap. :(

The smell of this soap is so gentle like a baby soap. It has micro peeling effect and it also lightened my skin. It's hard to find though. Ooops it's also affordable (3 big round soaps for only P100).

  • Golden Fabulouz Kojic Soap

I'm currenly road testing this soap. Will make a separate review soon..

Just a decent good smelling soap. It's not overly drying but will result in skin's micro peeling. My favorite resting soap just like Glutamax. (Resting means when I want to rest my skin from strong whitening kembot haha!)

  • Belo Kojic Acid plus Tranexamic Soap

The soap with a surprise quotes inside the box. It's expensive and it melts easily. I didn't see changes on my skin after finishing two bars because the two bars only last for a week.

All in all, I found this product effective. Just remember two things, first, don't leave it on your skin for more than 3 minutes and second, always use moisturizer or lotion after taking a bath. This will surely deliver great results with the proper usage.

  • Orange Peel & Glutathione Body Bar

Another effective product in terms of whitening. Yes! It's drying too but it doesn't sting. It has an overpowering smell (I remember my friend said that it smells like a taxi perfume haha). One of the fastest in terms of making your skin fairer. This soap is a bit expensive too but readily available in your favorite drugstores and supermarket. It cost P119.00 if I'm not mistaken.

  • Royale L-Gluta Power Soap

Weeh? Power? Haha this is somehow effective but not that much for me. I think it's an ordinary but expensive whitening soap.

  • Royale Kojic Papaya Soap

Another ordinary soap but I like it better than the Gluta Power eklavu soap of Royale. This anyhow caused me micro peeling so I think it's effective in a way but it's expensive for a maintenance soap.

I am so in love with the smell of this soap because it smells like vanilla and I want to taste it haha. It is so effective too without making your skin super dry. It has a micro peeling effect and it makes my skin glowing specially under the sun.

  • Kojie San Dream White

Effective but it caused me rashes too and tiny bumps on my skin. I like the vanilla smell it has and I think it's stronger than the regular Kojie San Soap because it's more drying. The box said it has collagen but I don't care at all because as I've said it's super drying.

  • Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap (Orange)

I'll make a separate long detailed review of this soap. This is really effective in terms of skin lightening but it's too harsh for our skin too. I suggest don't soak it in your skin for more than a minute. This is really drying.

Hayys I recently wrote a review about this soap. Like the usual whitening soap it is so drying. It smells like tamarind candy and it feels harsh on skin. No! I won't tolerate that.

I didn't experience micro peeling using this soap but it makes my skin lighter. It stings a bit but it's tolerable. I like the mild botanical scent. Readily available in all drugstores and groceries nationwide.

I've tried it on my face and it caused me breakouts. I never tried it on my body.

A little drying but I like its effect because it gives me a pinkish white glow every after bath. Not readily available and it's pricey but premium.

I was so disappointed with this soap because it gave me more pimples and rashes on face. It's affordable, super!

I experienced micro peeling using Glupa and the peeling is very decent and not obvious. Micro peeling means whitening because Glupa is removing our old skin cells and revealing the new and whiter layer of our skin without making it dry.

It made my skin a shade lighter after finishing 3 bars. It's so affordable and readily available in all
Watsons nationwide. It's not that harsh too.

So there! Those are the soaps that I've tried and I hope this article helps.

I'll keep this blog updated and if you have questions, feel free to leave it on the comment box below. Thank you and God bless us all. ;)


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