Easy Getaways for A Little Mental Clarity

I really wanna write something today because writing is my therapy, I feel happy and safe whenever I am writing. If you're following me on my social media channels, you'll see that I've posted a picture of me in the hospital. I was diagnosed with GERD or acid reflux. In connection with this, my acid rises whenever I am nervous. Lately, I've been experiencing nervousness when my anxiety attacks and I don't know what to do. I am really confused why I have this nervous problem. The only clear thing in my mind is to get out of the place where my nervous or anxiety attacks.

Surely I need mental clarity to free myself from stress and worrying.

Go shopping

I know it's tiring yeah but who wouldn't be pampered seeing yourself carrying paper bags from your favorite brands? In a way, you don't actually need to spend so much to get pampered. Go ahead and buy your favorite latte or juice drink and walk around the mall. Go window shopping in short. This will surely feed our mind with good thoughts. This is so effective for me. 😂

Take a trip to spa

One of my favorite pampering activities. Massage therapy is more than just a stress reliever. It also helps to improve blood circulation and it offers relief from headaches, anxiety, lower back pain and that annoying insomnia.

Watch movies

Truly, laughter is the best medicine. Watching movies can help you get out of your stress zone as it takes you to greater imagination. Romantic comedy is one of my favorites. Go ahead and play your favorite movie for an hour or two and be refreshed.

Hit the beach

Why every soul searches go to beach? Simply because they find peace of mind in such kind of environment. The fresh smell of the sea and its calming sound are telling our minds to calm down and focus.

Stay in your room

This is so effective. Whenever I feel afraid, worried or nervous, my room is my immediate  comfort zone. I feel protected and safe whenever I'm in my room. Feet raised on the wall while doing drafts for my future blogs. I also have this scented oil and candles to help me calm my mind.

Currently, I am planning to enroll myself in a Yoga class. I'll keep you guys updated.

How about you? Where do you find peace and relaxation? Please leave a comment below because I want to know. 😊

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