GMA Bloggers' Style Camp 2016 "Behind the scene and online voting"

Have you ever been bullied? To be honest, I was  a victim of bullying during elementary days. You know that typical child bullying? Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose. Yeah! I've experienced those and I always fought back haha.

In line with bullying, I am so excited to share to you guys this year's GMA Bloggers Style Camp advocacy. "#HeartOverHate or anti cyber bullying." It's not a surprise that both artists and bloggers are experiencing cyber bullying. I had this bully commenter when I was just starting my blog. He keeps on commenting below the belt words and all negativity. Gone were my childhood days where I always fight back. Instead, I just ignored my bully commenter and let love embraced him. He finally stopped and now you're still enjoying great contents from yours truly. 😊

Aside from our advocacy, the bloggers style camp is also aiming to squeeze the most creative team (collaboration of bloggers and artists). Which idea and concept best represent this year's advocacy? You'll be the judge. Later in this article I'll teach you how to vote but before that, let me share to you what happened before during and after our meetings and photo shoots.

Brain storming:
First meeting of bloggers and artists. During this time, we've shared ideas and concepts for this year's theme.
This is probably one of the tough moments because this will make or break our team's standing for this style camp. We're glad because we were able to think a beautiful and meaningful concept.

Photo shoot:
Where we turned our ideas into reality.
This moment is very tiring because it took us whole day to finish the shoot. Hair styling, make up, dressing up and shoot. The scenario goes like that the whole day. I was so busy directing poses for the artists while taking pictures for documentation and thinking of ideas how I can share this to you. 😊

Final Layout:
We can finally see the fruit of our labor and the juice of our creativity.

Our concept is obviously very digital showing that being creative can be simple but meaningful.

If you're anti cyber bullying too, I encourage you to vote for our team. "Team Girls" voting is so easy. No need for registration, all you need to do is click and submit. Yeah that simple, you can vote multiple times and 15% of online  votes will be counted for final judging.

To vote, please visit:

You can also share this to your social media channels and encourage your friends to support this great advocacy. Let love reign. #HeartOverHate

I wanna salute GMA Social Media team (Trina, Ate Tin, Mark, Kuya Elmo and the rest of the team) for bringing up this kind of project. And to the artists (Bea Binene, Louise Delos Reyes, Mikee Quintos and Ashleigh Ortega), I witnessed how creative you guys are and I feel your passion and love for this advocacy. You deserve to be admired. 😊

Thank you and God Bless us all! 😊 ❤

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