KSA Magic Glutathione Soap Review

I've told you that I'll make a separate review of my current favorite soap. Don't worry because it's  affordable and easy to find. This is the soap that I'm using for more than 1 month now. I just stopped when I tried Golden Fabulouz Kojic Soap for the sake of review. Alright, let's go ahead and start! 😊

KSA Magic Glutathione Soap Review


How much?
P99.00 (3 huge bars)

Where to buy?

My aunt introduced me this product, she told me that it works very well on her skin. I purchased this right after our summer getaway. That's also the time when I started taking Detox White Glutathione. I think they complement well on each other haha. I mean they're a perfect combination. Like me and you my VanityFriends hehe. 😊 ❤

The soap itself is a huge white bar and I am not cutting it into pieces because I am so lazy to do so haha. It smells pretty good like a baby powder which is a big plus for me. The soap melts easily because it's cold processed which means the ingredients are pure and can be easily absorbed by our skin. I first used the Kojic-Gluta variant of the same brand and I also like it. However, the said variant is a little drying so I've tried this Glutathione soap and uhhhh.. I so love KSA Magic Glutathione Soap because it's not that drying. Yes, I am experiencing micro peeling but it's not obvious and it feels that the soap is not harsh on my skin. I've noticed a noticeable glow and whitening using this soap. If I am not mistaken, KSA Magic is owned by Ms. Gladys Reyes. 😊 No wonder why her skin is so flawless and radiant. She also loves putting on calamansi juice on her skin. (Let me do that too haha).

I am still using this soap and will continue to use until I need to try another one. This soap is true to its promise and the ingredients are really working to make our skin lighter. By the way, I am soaking this soap on my skin for 5 minutes every bath ( 2 to 3 times a day). Using it on my body only. So far this soap is so good. It doesn't cause me rashes nor irritations.

Will I recommend it?
Absolutely! I highly recommend this soap to everyone. If you're looking for an affordable but effective whitening soap, this is it! You should try this brand.

I made a video explaining how I love this soap. Feel free to watch here:

Have you tried this soap? I wanna know your thoughts. Leave your comment on the comment box below. Thank you and God Bless us all. 😊 ❤ 
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