Mix & Match at The Old Spaghetti House

Everytime I see the The Old Spaghetti House "TOSH" restaurant, spaghetti and other pastas are the firsts to come in my mind. Little did I know, they also offer dishes like pork, chicken and fish. I rarely eat at TOSH, to be honest, today is my third time and earlier was my first time to try their rice meal and I think they deserve to be visited again.

Mix & Match

How much?
P150.00 only

Visit TOSH at:
SM Manila, Ali Mall, Eastwood Libis or any branch near you.

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/TheOldSpaghettiHouse/

Website: http://www.theoldspaghettihouse.com/

The rustic and enchanting interior of TOSH, plus the warm smile of their crews will make you feel at home. (Ang so-showbiz nila chos! Hahaha 😂).

Their Mix and Match promo allows you to select pasta plus meat of your choice.

Pasta choices:
•Inasal Pasta
•Vietnamese Garlic

Meat choices:
•Chicken BBQ
•Fish Parmigiana
•Pork Steak in BBQ sauce
•Golden Crusted Fish Fillet
•Chicken Breast Inasal
•Beef Burger Steak in Pepper
Gravy Sauce
•Hungarian Sausage

All meals are inclusive of salad side dish and one cup of rice. You can add P15.00 for a refreshing glass of iced tea.

I ordered Chicken Breast Inasal and Pesto. I've waited for 13 minutes and 14 seconds to be exact. I intentionally set a timer on my phone for the sake of this review haha 😂. It was a little bit long for me or perhaps I was just so hungry earlier because I walked from Mendiola to San Sebastian wherein I rode the jeepney going to SM Manila haha.

Their pasta tastes good as always, what I am so surprised about is their Chicken Breast Inasal tastes so damn good too not to mention that it comes with one cup of hot rice. OMG! Who will say no to this? I enjoyed the juicy meat of chicken sprinkled with black pepper and I think they cooked it with white wine. Anyway, I enjoyed my meal and my tummy thanked me so much for that. It was surely an enjoyable and super sulit dining experience at TOSH. 😊

They also have other promos like:

When you're hungry and looking for a place to eat, include TOSH in your list because they offer wide variety of foods that your taste buds will surely enjoy. Say you're a vegetarian, you don't eat pork, you love pork, you eat fish or you're a pasta enthusiast, TOSH surely have something on the table to serve. 😊

Thank you all! 😊 ❤
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