Google Launches #LovePhilippines Campaign

by 8:40 PM
Manila, Philippines--  Google Philippines launches today its year-long social media campaign called #LovePhilippines in time for National Heroes Day to inspire Filipinos to discover more about the country and our culture and fuel their love for the Philippines.

Google Philippines will post #LovePhilippines content on their social media channels to put a spotlight on the heritage of the Filipinos. The posts will include, but are not limited to, moments of triumph in history, interesting stories behind acclaimed Filipinos and their achievements, trivia on uniquely Filipino norms, and a quick tour of hidden gems in the country using different Google products like Search, Street View, YouTube, and materials from Google Cultural Institute.

The campaign kicks off with a post featuring a unique pinoy dessert that was Jose Rizal's favorite, minatamis na santol. Apart from learning something new about our national hero, Filipinos will also get to prepare the treat by watching a YouTube video tutorial.

The campaign aims to encourage Filipinos to share with pride the positive things about our country on social media and introduce the wonderful aspects of the Philippines and its people to non-Filipinos so they can appreciate the culture more.

As part of Googles commitment to equip Filipinos with information that are relevant to their lives, Google put together the campaign to show netizens that there are easily accessible materials online that they can use to boost the morale of fellow Filipinos and inspire others to take pride on the many remarkable characteristics of the Philippines.

We hear things said about the Philippines or the Filipinos, but there are plenty of beautiful facts about us that are easily searchable online. We want to bring out these information so that people will be inspired to show the world that the Philippines is a fast developing country with a rich history and colorful culture. Filipinos are innately inspiring, and we look forward to spreading more love for the Philippines in the days to come, said Gail Tan, Google Philippines Head of Communications and Public Affairs.

You can follow Google Philippines on Google+, Facebook and Twitter to +1 or Like, reshare or retweet #LovePhilippines posts.

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Glupa Skin Whitening Soap Review

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This soap is one of the most requested brands that you guys want me to review. Based on your comments on our Facebook page and Instagram, this soap is effective and you wanna hear my thoughts about it. You know how much I love you guys, let's start!

Glupa Skin Whitening Soap Review

Glupa is a breakthrough combination of Glutathione and Papaya that gives you twice the whitening power and twice the Glutathione content. It also provides the proper nutrients needed to promote the body's own ability to manufacture and utilize glutathione.

Where to buy?
Watsons, Mercury Drugstores and leading supermarkets nationwide

How much?

First of all, the ingredients are jaw dropping (literally) guys, the ingredients of Glupa are premium and expensive ones. Speaking of premium, it also has a premium smell (amoy pang mayaman) like cucumber with melon and it's oh so refreshing. Oh by the way, it comes in a sleek black matte box with embossed logo. Pak mayaman, ganern!

One of the premium ingredients of Glupa is Arbutin which is a very powerful skin lightening agent extracted from bearberry plants commonly found in European countries. You know how I love soaps with Arbutin right? Like my favorite Myderm Kojic Acid Soap with Alpha Arbutin. Anyway, Glupa is a cold-processed soap that is why it melts easily but it lasts. Seriously, a bar of 135g grams took me more than a week to finish (using it two to three times a day).

I experienced micro peeling using Glupa and the peeling is very decent and not obvious. Micro peeling means whitening because Glupa is removing our old skin cells and revealing the new and whiter layer of our skin without making it dry. Based on the ingredients and my experience using Glupa, I can confidently say that the soap is really effective and very true to its promise (you'll get what you paid for). I honestly bought 2 bars yesterday but I'm not gonna use it yet. I have some products to try for review. I just wanna see Glupa in my vanity cabinet because I really like it. 😂

☆☆☆I'll make a separate review for the lotion and face cream.

Bonus review:
My partner used the Glupa Skin Solutions for Men and Glupa Skin Solutions Plus++ and according to him:

• Glupa Skin Solutions for Men
It smells like cool water and the fragrance stays even after rinsing. I experienced micro peeling too and it made my skin lighter than before. I enjoyed using Glupa for Men because it provides  a generous amount of bubbles while giving my skin that cooling sensation every bath.

• Glupa Skin Solutions Plus + + 
It smells very pleasant just like the other variants. However, it's not helping my pimples to heal faster. My pimple dried up after 4 days which is usual even if I'm not using anything. The good thing is, it helps in preventing new pimples from sprouting. I've noticed that there's only one pimple sprouted (located on the left part of my forehead)  in my 3 weeks of using the soap.

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Upcoming: Opulence Skin Philippines Products

by 9:07 PM
I just finished reviewing Glupa and Le Putih Soaps and I'll post the full reviews very soon. Yesterday, I received three packages from three different brands and one of them is from Opulence Skin Philippines.


Opulence Nutrawhite Glutathione Capsules & Opulence Ultra White Glycolic Peel Soap

Products from:
Opulence Skin Philippines
Office 3B Kaminari Bldg. , 247-249 Banaue St.
Sta. Mesa Heights
Quezon City, Metro Manila. 1114 PH

Opulence Skin Philippines is a growing skincare store here in our country. Their products are currently raving around social media and I'm so glad they contacted me to try their products for review purposes. One of their newest creations is the Opulence Nutrawhite Glutathione Capsules which I'll start trying out today together with the Opulence Ultra White Glycolic Peel Soap. I am really excited to try this glutathione pills because it contains Selenomethionine. What is Selenomethionine? It's a potent antioxidant and immune system booster and it promotes both heart and liver health. I'll give you all the details along with the price, smell, and all you need to know on my full product review which I'll be posting once I'm done using them.

Rest assured that I'll closely monitor my experience using Opulence Skin products to give you a fair and unbiased reviews. 😊

Keep in touch VanityFriends! 😊 ❤

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Kuya J's Restaurant Quick Review

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I've been hearing a lot of good thoughts about Kuya J's Halo-halo so I've tried Wendy's frosty. Wait what?? Hahahah just kidding. I was invited by my besties for a dinner so we can have time to talk and catch up with each other. They were thinking for a place where we can eat and Kuya J's Restaurant immediately rang my ears haha. 😂 (I'm really curious about their Halo-halo eh hahaha.)

Kuya J's Restaurant Review

Kuya J Restaurant, formerly known as "Ang Kan-anan ni Kuya J," started as a humble eatery along the streets of Cebu. But with Kuya J’s undeniably delicious dishes, mouthwatering words of recommendation quickly spread into every Cebuanos’ palate. With that, Kuya J instantly became one of the well-loved restaurants in Cebu. Its main branch in Escario Street remains to enjoy a full-house patronage.

Kuya J's Restaurant SM Cabanatuan branch. (They have branches nationwide

We ordered:
• 4 glasses of Kuya J's Halo-halo P99.00 per glass
• 1 Platter of Adobo Sa Mangga (Pork Belly) P350.00
• 1 Platter of Adobong Manok Sa Gata at Pinya P285.00
• 1 Platter of Garlic Rice P140.00

The clean and super nice ambiance will surely boost your appetite because it portrays modern Filipino restaurant. We were welcomed by their smiling receptionist but the waiters were just like... fine. They weren't rude or whatever but they have like poker faces. We didn't feel uncomfortable though.

At first, I am excited about the Halo-halo and ignoring the foods that were served first. My partner told me to try the foods because he thought they taste great. So I tried their Adobong Manok Sa Gata at Pinya and Garlic Rice and uhhhmm goodness gracious guys! The foods really taste good I mean very good. Even the Adobo Sa Mangga (Pork Belly) is so flavorful. I like the sweetness brought by the riped manggo and it compliments well on the Adobo flavor and all the ingredients of the dish. (Wow fumu-food expert hahaha). The Garlic Rice tastes good too because the rice itself was perfectly cooked and flavored with real garlic bits.

The moment we've been waiting for (Our Halo-halo were finally served after finishing our main dish). Look:
It's hard to mix or blend and my right arm really had a hard time haha. Yes that's the downside but its creamy paper-thin shaved ice and flavorful ingredients concealed the negative impression. I really like  Kuya J's Halo-halo and it's one of the cremiest Halo-halo I've ever tasted. (It can't replace my favorite Razon's Halo-halo though).

Overall, we enjoyed our experience at Kuya J's Restaurant. Their foods and ambiance are surely worthy of another visit. They have reasonable prices that even a budgetarian can enjoy. I hope their waiters and waitresses will be more accommodating and friendly next time.

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It's My Cleansing Foam Review

by 9:00 PM
I've told you how I suffered from acne breakout caused by my depression (Nicotine Withdrawal Syndrome). My favorite Celeteque Brightening Facial Wash cannot constrain it anymore so I looked for another brand to abet my skin in healing because I've got some serious rashes and zits on my jawline.

It's My Cleansing Foam

It also claims to remove:
• Makeup
• Dead skin cells
• Dust
• Wastes
• Blackheads
• Sebum

Where to buy?
Althea Korea Philippines

How much?

The product itself smells similar to Celeteque Brightening Facial Wash and I love it because it smells refreshing yet mild. However, unlike what they're claiming, it's not producing enough bubbles and it's pretty annoying. Hey! It's a facial foam so I'm expecting it to be foamy but na ah, it's not producing enough foam for me to enjoy and it feels like I need a second wash every after wash. After a week of using it two times a day, I didn't notice any improvement or healing on my face. It even made my skin dryer and dull that's why I stopped using the product after one week. How ironic because the product claims to be moisturizing and mild but it turned the other way around. I am expecting faster healing because it promises to improve skin's elasticity because it contains collagen but I was disappointed, look:

What I like:
• Smells good
• Affordable
• Trusted seller  (Althea Korea)

What I don't like:
• Drying
• Not producing enough foam
• Made my skin dryer
• Most of the claims are not true
• It didn't help me at all

By the way, this is a late review. I should've posted this first week of August but I've been so busy.

So there! Even if I love Althea Korea so much, I need to write my review honestly and straight from the heart. You know how frank and meticulous I am when it comes to product reviews and I hate sugar coating. Anyway, Althea Korea still have so much on the table for us (amazing products from different korean brands). Currently, my skin is getting better because of Relumins Professional Acne Clear Trio. I'm so excited to share to you my full review soon. 😊

Thank you and God Bless us all. 😊 ❤

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Relumins Professional Acne Clear Trio "First Impression"

by 6:33 PM
Last week, I've received some products from my Flawless Beauty and Skin family. If you're following me on my social media channels, you probably saw my post about it. Having that said, please follow me on Facebook "Vanity Room PH" Instagram: @mjamesperez and Twitter @mjgarciaperez24 if you're not following me yet.


•Relumins Professional Acne Clear Trio

•Relumins Dermroller and Intensive Repair Serum Set

Where to buy?
Flawless Beauty and Skin

How much?
P1,900 (Acne Clear Set)
P1,350 (Dermroller with repair serum)

I am using the Acne Clear set for 4 days straight now 2 times a day and so far it's doing great. I so love how it makes my skin moisturized and glowing the whole day. I will post a detailed review as soon as I'm done using the set. I am not yet opening the Dermroller because as suggested, it is best to use with no active acne so I am finishing my acne clear set first to dry up my pimples and use the dermroller to remove the pimple marks. I'll also make a separate review of dermroller because a lot of you guys have been requesting me to review the said product.

Yey! Stay tuned guys and rest assured that I'll be giving my honest to goodness reviews of the above mentioned products. 

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GMA Network’s Anti-cyberbullying Campaign #HeartOverHate

by 5:43 PM

Alden Richards, Marian Rivera and other Kapuso stars take a stand against cyberbullying via Heart Over Hate campaign

Several Kapuso stars unite to express their stance against cyber bullying in a video that enlightens netizens about the consequences of social media misuse and the positive effects that uplifting online exchanges can bring.

The roster of stars features Marian Rivera, Kylie Padilla, Ruru Madrid, Kris Bernal, Bea Binene, Ken Chan, Julie Anne San Jose, Glaiza de Castro, Andrea Torres, Louise delos Reyes, Miguel Tanfelix, Bianca Umali, Mikee Quintos, Phytos Ramirez, Andre Paras, Derrick Monasterio, Martin del Rosario, Ashley Ortega and Alden Richards.

According to the NBI Cybercrime Division of NCR,  there was a monthly average of 54 reported cases of cyberbullying in the form of online libel and grave threats in the first quarter of 2016.

In a compelling one-minute video, Kapuso stars share how online hate can lead to depression while kind words have the power to uplift spirits and inspire a ripple of positive change. You can watch the video by clicking here.

The project is part of GMA Networks Heart Over Hate campaign that advocates online positivity by creating a social media landscape founded on encouragement, kindness and responsibility.

Watch for the launch of the advocacy video on GMA Network, its website and social media pages, and SM Cinemas soon.

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Proudly Pinoy: Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc.

by 5:44 PM
If there's one thing that you can always find in my bag, room and work station, that's tissue (aside from my favorite alcohol of course). I feel incomplete without a tissue because admit it or not, it's so useful particularly for a messy clumsy dude like me lol. I even have some tissues from Jollibee and McDonald's hahaha that's true.

Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc.

SCPA is first and foremost a Filipino company. We strive for excellence, in our belief that every Filipino deserves access to quality hygienic paper product at very reasonable prices. Moreover, with offices nationwide we take pride in having the ability to provide careers for Filipino workers as well. (Source: SCPA website)

Where to buy?
Leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide

Don't forget to visit their:
Facebook: Click Here
Instagram: @sanicare_ph

I am a true fan of Sanicare products particularly their Femme Facial tissue. Guys, I am giving you my word, their Femme facial tissue is the best and super affordable. That's what I like about their products. You'll get a high quality tissue and other sanitary products at a very practical cost. Furthermore, below are the things that makes me love their products:

• Their products are made from 100% virgin pulp.
This means that you'll get the best quality tissue because it naturally inherit the natural wet strength that help bing the fibers together. This higher resistance to moisture prevents linting (himulmol) on moist surfaces.

• Their products are chlorine free.
Elemental chlorine produces dioxins as a by-product. Dioxins have been linked to cancer and are very harmful to the environment.

• Their products do not have artificial whiteners.
Artificial whiteners should not be allowed in paper that is in contact with human skin or with food products as these chemicals can migrate on the surfaces it touches.

I actually have three of their products in our home. I have a Femme facial tissue that I always have whenever I am trying a new bb cream and other products. I also have their Sanicare kitchen towel because my partner loves to cook and this is very useful in a very self explanatory reason 😂. Lastly, I also have their all around tissue rolls (Tisyu) which I love buying by bulk for overall household use.

I bet most of you guys love their products too. Share you thoughts on the comment box below. Thank you and God Bless. 😊 ❤

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Nichido Final Powder Review

by 5:34 PM
A good setting powder is a must have specially if you have an oily skin. It makes our bb cream and foundation stay longer while providing a fresh shine-free look. I always say this everytime I have a setting powder review hahaha. Is this a spell? Seriously Harry? 😨

Nichido Final Powder Review

Where to buy?

How much?
P150.00 only

I'm in a shade of:

One of the leading makeup blogs here in the Philippines said that this Nichido Final Powder is a dupe for Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder and she found that Nichido is even better. Wow P150 vs P1,650 you can save as much as P1,500 luh!

This is the first final powder that I've owned and I keep on coming back for this. I've reviewed so many powders and you guys know that,  but this is my all time favorite. What makes me love this powder is its lasting effect. It makes my skin looking shine-free for more than 5 hours and it gives me a natural glow that other powders can't provide. Its super loose consistency makes it so easy for me to apply the product using my favorite Elf Powder Brush that I've got from Elf for like P220.00 only here:

I just don't like the puff that it came with so I threw it away because it's itchy in a way. I also hate that it's a little messy but it's tolerable or should I admit that I am really clumsy? Hahaha look:

I highly recommend this to you guys specially to those who are in a tight budget like me (you know how much I love super affordable but sulit products db?) This one's worth buying and it will save you a lot because one jar of this product is good for many months. To my male readers, guys, you don't need to donate those extra oils to Petron like what I did hahaha. Try using Nichido Final Powder. It has no coverage and it's not obvious so it's perfect for you guys. 😊

Leave your comment below and I'll definitely answer. Have a lovely rainy day! 😊 ❤

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DIY Instant Whitening Lotion

by 5:44 PM
Hello VanityFriends! How are you guys? Doing great? Good! (Talking to myself again lol). Today, I wanna be as energetic as possible because I am so excited to share you guys what I've discovered recently. Today, I'll teach you how to create your own instant whitening lotion. Sounds good? Yeah? Ok let's start! 😂

DIY Instant Whitening Drink (Oh I mean lotion hahaha)

Things you'll need:

• Body lotion (Preferably with SPF and runny consistency)

• BB cream (You can also use Liquid foundation and concealer whichever is available in your cabinet)

How to do it?

You just need to mix the lotion and bb cream together. Please note that your lotion must be 70% more than your bb cream. This will make our skin looking natural and not cakey. You can always adjust the amount depending on your usage and need. (Tanchameter teh! 😂)

The story why I discovered this DIY instant whitening lotion is because I emptied my favorite GT Carrot Lotion which has an instant whitening effect. I am about to go to a client meeting then and I want my skin to look fairer and magical. I saw my Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream and my playful mind told me to try to mix it with my lotion and voila! It works! Look:

Making your own instant whitening lotion is a no brainer so you can easily create your own anytime. You can also create a mixture for a long term use and put it in a bottle or any container. In my case, I am only mixing them on my palm whenever I need to use an instant whitening lotion because I still love to use Missha M Perfect Cover as its original purpose.

I am loving this discovery and I highly recommend this to those who wanna try an instant whitening lotion but undecided what brand to buy. You can create you own first and feel if it works for you. You can also use this mixture if you want to have a stunning skin on your special occasion. 😊

What do you think guys? I hope this article helps and I wish you all a lovely day! God bless us! 😊 ❤

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How To Bring Good Luck To Your Room

by 6:11 PM

Do you believe in lucky charms? I know it's crazy but I do. Why not? I've got nothing to lose right? I know that we're the driver of our lives and we are the one creating our future, dictating which way should we go. But I vigorously believe that it's not bad to add a little color in our everyday drive especially when it's not hurting you and may deliver good vibes instead.

Make Your Room Luckier using Pot Pourri Oil, Aromatherapy Burner and Candles.

Where to buy?
SM Department Store

How much?
Oil- P180.00 (Also available in 15ml at P99.00)
Burner- P100.00
Candles- P200.00 30 pcs. (Also available in lower prices)

Fragrance oil a.k.a aroma oils, aromatic oils, and flavor oils, are blended synthetic aroma compounds or natural essential oils that are diluted with a carrier like propylene glycol, vegetable oil, or mineral oil. Source: Wikipedia. This is a cheaper alternative to expensive air purifier and or freshener. I have actually tried different scents like green tea, bamboo, lavender, strawberry and vanilla. The saleslady told me that green tea is for money, lavender is for peace of mind and vanilla for happiness (I forgot the meaning of other scents haha). Aside from the luck they bring, aromatherapy oils can deliver many benefits such as:

•Reduces anxiety
•Ease depression
•Boost energy level
•Speed up the healing process
•Eliminate headaches
•Boost cognitive performance
•Induce sleep
•Strengthen the immune system
•Reduce pain
•Improve digestion
•Increase circulation

How to use it?
You just need to pour water into the burner and make sure it's 70% full so you have space for two drops of potpourri oil. Light up the candle and place it inside the burner.

How it works?
Once the oil is heated the fragrance is released into the atmosphere.

My favorite scents are vanilla and green tea. I'd like to believe that they deliver extra luck in my room. The scent sets my mood and the benefits are surprisingly amazing! Perhaps those are the reasons why I believe it's lucky. The scent is long lasting and it will take you 2 months to empty the bottle of potpourri depending on your usage. (I use it every morning and every night.)

I highly recommend this guys. I have it for more than a year already.  Promise it delivers tons of benefits plus it makes your room oh so mabango. As Kris Aquino said; "Ma swerte ang room na mabango." Try to put one in your room and see the difference.

Thanks for reading and I hope this article helps. 😊

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My Journey To A Smoke-Free Life

by 9:23 PM
It's every smoker's dream to quit smoking. Many smokers think it's impossible to quit. I am not saying it's easy but it's possible! Smoking doesn't give us benefits at all but smokers are too blind too see that. Yes I am guilty. I am a smoker for the last 10 years.

I started smoking when I was in second year high school. To be honest, I just pushed myself to smoke because it looks cool and I was a party guy way back then and I think you're not cool or in when you're not smoking while drinking and having fun in the club. I was blinded by the enchanting smoke provided by a stick of cigarette. Well, not anymore! I finally realized that smoking doesn't have any benefits at all.

Welcome to my Smoke-free life!

I have decided to quit smoking because it makes my GERD more serious. If you're following me on Facebook and Instagram, you probably saw my post when I was rushed in the hospital. Look:

I was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. My acid rises whenever I eat too much, whenever I smoke and stress. That's also the reason why I burp a lot every after meal. It was a horrifying experience because the feeling was like I am having a heart attack. My blood pressure reading was 160 over 100 because I was so nervous. Thanks to the friendly nurses and staff of Providence Hospital for making me feel safe and taking care of me. They conducted an ECG and Troponin to check if my heart is healthy and thank God nothing was wrong. My blood pressure rose out of nervousness and it eventually went back to normal.

After that incident, I still smoke but I had trauma and anxiety. I am afraid to eat a lot that I can't even eat a decent meal because I am afraid and I don't know why. I chill a lot, I feel nervous, my hands are cold and shaking, I feel hot flashes on my face while feeling dizzy and light headed.

July 15, 2016 (Friday) after finishing my dinner, (I forced myself to eat a decent meal because I am getting slimmer) I immediately went to the store to smoke. On my first puff, I knew there was something wrong but I still continue to smoke until my third puff. I felt too much dizziness and trembling on my hands and it feels like my heart was hit by a knife. I immediately threw my cigarette and forced myself to walk towards my house. I actually run and jumped to make myself feel alive. I immediately went to bathroom, shaking and feeling too nervous not sure what's going on. I took a bath and felt a little better afterwards. I was sitting on the corner of my room thinking what's going on and I was trying to calm myself.

After that terrifying incident, I have decided with conviction that I will no longer smoke and that was the last cigarette that I will ever touch. I've decided to live my life smoke-free and happy. The process wasn't easy, during my first week, I always feel weak and tired but I am definitely not craving for cigarette because the nightmare was still fresh during that time. During the first week too, I've experienced depression because as we know, cigarette is a mood enhancer. I made my research and I've found out that what I am feeling was nicotine withdrawal syndrome. It wasn't easy, I felt worthless and worried about my future, I felt like am nothing, I felt sick and tired all day wishing to end the day faster than usual. I just wanna sleep all day. I felt dizzy and I had no appetite, my pimples sprouted all over my face, my lips were as dry as a chalk board, my eyes were deep and I looked so pale. I came to the point that I am afraid to go to office everyday.  Look at my photos:

During the second week of my smoke-free life, I've decided to get up and fight! I knew that I am stronger than my fears, I wanna bring back the real me, fighter, strong, brave and jolly. I do Yoga to help me get back my breathing patern. I ate fruits and oatmeal every morning, I've tried to start eating freely and decent. During this time, I've experienced temptations to smoke again because I knew that I am feeling better but I thanked God because I was able to conquer the temptations.

Today is my 18th day living a smoke-free life and I am so glad because I am starting to live my normal life. I am starting to eat well and doing exercise every morning. I am trying to gain weight and be as positive as possible. I wanna thank my loving partner because my partner never gave up on me. What we've been through was not easy. I am so thankful because my partner made me realized that I am not alone in this battle.

Currently, I left my full time  job because I wanna focus more on myself and be a full time blogger and a part time freelancer. I am no longer craving for cigarette and my sense of smell and taste are getting back to normal again. My breathing patern is doing good too and I rarely have an acid reflux attack. Look at my latest pictures:

As you can see, I am looking better now compared these past few weeks. I am starting to live a normal life and I wanna thank God for guiding me all the time. My weight dropped to 44kg two weeks ago but I'm glad I'm at 48kg now. My target for the month of August is to be at 55kg.

To those who wanna quit smoking too, start now! There's no better timing but now! You have to realize that smoking can do harm on your health and it damages our brain. For those who are experiencing depression and anxiety or panic attacks, don't be afraid as for God is with us. Our God is greater than our fears. Our God is stronger than any other. You're a son of God therefore you're strong! You're stronger than your fears and you can conquer any battle of life because Jesus is always on our side. Erase negativities, forget about your fears, be thankful for what you have and live life to the fullest. Stop smoking now! I am at your side, if you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me on Facebook: Vanity Room PH and I will listen and try to give advice. You're not alone and you'll never be. Break what fears you now!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now! 😊 ❤

God bless us all. 😊 😊😊

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