DIY Instant Whitening Lotion

Hello VanityFriends! How are you guys? Doing great? Good! (Talking to myself again lol). Today, I wanna be as energetic as possible because I am so excited to share you guys what I've discovered recently. Today, I'll teach you how to create your own instant whitening lotion. Sounds good? Yeah? Ok let's start! 😂

DIY Instant Whitening Drink (Oh I mean lotion hahaha)

Things you'll need:

• Body lotion (Preferably with SPF and runny consistency)

• BB cream (You can also use Liquid foundation and concealer whichever is available in your cabinet)

How to do it?

You just need to mix the lotion and bb cream together. Please note that your lotion must be 70% more than your bb cream. This will make our skin looking natural and not cakey. You can always adjust the amount depending on your usage and need. (Tanchameter teh! 😂)

The story why I discovered this DIY instant whitening lotion is because I emptied my favorite GT Carrot Lotion which has an instant whitening effect. I am about to go to a client meeting then and I want my skin to look fairer and magical. I saw my Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream and my playful mind told me to try to mix it with my lotion and voila! It works! Look:

Making your own instant whitening lotion is a no brainer so you can easily create your own anytime. You can also create a mixture for a long term use and put it in a bottle or any container. In my case, I am only mixing them on my palm whenever I need to use an instant whitening lotion because I still love to use Missha M Perfect Cover as its original purpose.

I am loving this discovery and I highly recommend this to those who wanna try an instant whitening lotion but undecided what brand to buy. You can create you own first and feel if it works for you. You can also use this mixture if you want to have a stunning skin on your special occasion. 😊

What do you think guys? I hope this article helps and I wish you all a lovely day! God bless us! 😊 ❤

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