How To Bring Good Luck To Your Room

Do you believe in lucky charms? I know it's crazy but I do. Why not? I've got nothing to lose right? I know that we're the driver of our lives and we are the one creating our future, dictating which way should we go. But I vigorously believe that it's not bad to add a little color in our everyday drive especially when it's not hurting you and may deliver good vibes instead.

Make Your Room Luckier using Pot Pourri Oil, Aromatherapy Burner and Candles.

Where to buy?
SM Department Store

How much?
Oil- P180.00 (Also available in 15ml at P99.00)
Burner- P100.00
Candles- P200.00 30 pcs. (Also available in lower prices)

Fragrance oil a.k.a aroma oils, aromatic oils, and flavor oils, are blended synthetic aroma compounds or natural essential oils that are diluted with a carrier like propylene glycol, vegetable oil, or mineral oil. Source: Wikipedia. This is a cheaper alternative to expensive air purifier and or freshener. I have actually tried different scents like green tea, bamboo, lavender, strawberry and vanilla. The saleslady told me that green tea is for money, lavender is for peace of mind and vanilla for happiness (I forgot the meaning of other scents haha). Aside from the luck they bring, aromatherapy oils can deliver many benefits such as:

•Reduces anxiety
•Ease depression
•Boost energy level
•Speed up the healing process
•Eliminate headaches
•Boost cognitive performance
•Induce sleep
•Strengthen the immune system
•Reduce pain
•Improve digestion
•Increase circulation

How to use it?
You just need to pour water into the burner and make sure it's 70% full so you have space for two drops of potpourri oil. Light up the candle and place it inside the burner.

How it works?
Once the oil is heated the fragrance is released into the atmosphere.

My favorite scents are vanilla and green tea. I'd like to believe that they deliver extra luck in my room. The scent sets my mood and the benefits are surprisingly amazing! Perhaps those are the reasons why I believe it's lucky. The scent is long lasting and it will take you 2 months to empty the bottle of potpourri depending on your usage. (I use it every morning and every night.)

I highly recommend this guys. I have it for more than a year already.  Promise it delivers tons of benefits plus it makes your room oh so mabango. As Kris Aquino said; "Ma swerte ang room na mabango." Try to put one in your room and see the difference.

Thanks for reading and I hope this article helps. 😊

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