It's My Cleansing Foam Review

I've told you how I suffered from acne breakout caused by my depression (Nicotine Withdrawal Syndrome). My favorite Celeteque Brightening Facial Wash cannot constrain it anymore so I looked for another brand to abet my skin in healing because I've got some serious rashes and zits on my jawline.

It's My Cleansing Foam

It also claims to remove:
• Makeup
• Dead skin cells
• Dust
• Wastes
• Blackheads
• Sebum

Where to buy?
Althea Korea Philippines

How much?

The product itself smells similar to Celeteque Brightening Facial Wash and I love it because it smells refreshing yet mild. However, unlike what they're claiming, it's not producing enough bubbles and it's pretty annoying. Hey! It's a facial foam so I'm expecting it to be foamy but na ah, it's not producing enough foam for me to enjoy and it feels like I need a second wash every after wash. After a week of using it two times a day, I didn't notice any improvement or healing on my face. It even made my skin dryer and dull that's why I stopped using the product after one week. How ironic because the product claims to be moisturizing and mild but it turned the other way around. I am expecting faster healing because it promises to improve skin's elasticity because it contains collagen but I was disappointed, look:

What I like:
• Smells good
• Affordable
• Trusted seller  (Althea Korea)

What I don't like:
• Drying
• Not producing enough foam
• Made my skin dryer
• Most of the claims are not true
• It didn't help me at all

By the way, this is a late review. I should've posted this first week of August but I've been so busy.

So there! Even if I love Althea Korea so much, I need to write my review honestly and straight from the heart. You know how frank and meticulous I am when it comes to product reviews and I hate sugar coating. Anyway, Althea Korea still have so much on the table for us (amazing products from different korean brands). Currently, my skin is getting better because of Relumins Professional Acne Clear Trio. I'm so excited to share to you my full review soon. 😊

Thank you and God Bless us all. 😊 ❤

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