My Journey To A Smoke-Free Life

It's every smoker's dream to quit smoking. Many smokers think it's impossible to quit. I am not saying it's easy but it's possible! Smoking doesn't give us benefits at all but smokers are too blind too see that. Yes I am guilty. I am a smoker for the last 10 years.

I started smoking when I was in second year high school. To be honest, I just pushed myself to smoke because it looks cool and I was a party guy way back then and I think you're not cool or in when you're not smoking while drinking and having fun in the club. I was blinded by the enchanting smoke provided by a stick of cigarette. Well, not anymore! I finally realized that smoking doesn't have any benefits at all.

Welcome to my Smoke-free life!

I have decided to quit smoking because it makes my GERD more serious. If you're following me on Facebook and Instagram, you probably saw my post when I was rushed in the hospital. Look:

I was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. My acid rises whenever I eat too much, whenever I smoke and stress. That's also the reason why I burp a lot every after meal. It was a horrifying experience because the feeling was like I am having a heart attack. My blood pressure reading was 160 over 100 because I was so nervous. Thanks to the friendly nurses and staff of Providence Hospital for making me feel safe and taking care of me. They conducted an ECG and Troponin to check if my heart is healthy and thank God nothing was wrong. My blood pressure rose out of nervousness and it eventually went back to normal.

After that incident, I still smoke but I had trauma and anxiety. I am afraid to eat a lot that I can't even eat a decent meal because I am afraid and I don't know why. I chill a lot, I feel nervous, my hands are cold and shaking, I feel hot flashes on my face while feeling dizzy and light headed.

July 15, 2016 (Friday) after finishing my dinner, (I forced myself to eat a decent meal because I am getting slimmer) I immediately went to the store to smoke. On my first puff, I knew there was something wrong but I still continue to smoke until my third puff. I felt too much dizziness and trembling on my hands and it feels like my heart was hit by a knife. I immediately threw my cigarette and forced myself to walk towards my house. I actually run and jumped to make myself feel alive. I immediately went to bathroom, shaking and feeling too nervous not sure what's going on. I took a bath and felt a little better afterwards. I was sitting on the corner of my room thinking what's going on and I was trying to calm myself.

After that terrifying incident, I have decided with conviction that I will no longer smoke and that was the last cigarette that I will ever touch. I've decided to live my life smoke-free and happy. The process wasn't easy, during my first week, I always feel weak and tired but I am definitely not craving for cigarette because the nightmare was still fresh during that time. During the first week too, I've experienced depression because as we know, cigarette is a mood enhancer. I made my research and I've found out that what I am feeling was nicotine withdrawal syndrome. It wasn't easy, I felt worthless and worried about my future, I felt like am nothing, I felt sick and tired all day wishing to end the day faster than usual. I just wanna sleep all day. I felt dizzy and I had no appetite, my pimples sprouted all over my face, my lips were as dry as a chalk board, my eyes were deep and I looked so pale. I came to the point that I am afraid to go to office everyday.  Look at my photos:

During the second week of my smoke-free life, I've decided to get up and fight! I knew that I am stronger than my fears, I wanna bring back the real me, fighter, strong, brave and jolly. I do Yoga to help me get back my breathing patern. I ate fruits and oatmeal every morning, I've tried to start eating freely and decent. During this time, I've experienced temptations to smoke again because I knew that I am feeling better but I thanked God because I was able to conquer the temptations.

Today is my 18th day living a smoke-free life and I am so glad because I am starting to live my normal life. I am starting to eat well and doing exercise every morning. I am trying to gain weight and be as positive as possible. I wanna thank my loving partner because my partner never gave up on me. What we've been through was not easy. I am so thankful because my partner made me realized that I am not alone in this battle.

Currently, I left my full time  job because I wanna focus more on myself and be a full time blogger and a part time freelancer. I am no longer craving for cigarette and my sense of smell and taste are getting back to normal again. My breathing patern is doing good too and I rarely have an acid reflux attack. Look at my latest pictures:

As you can see, I am looking better now compared these past few weeks. I am starting to live a normal life and I wanna thank God for guiding me all the time. My weight dropped to 44kg two weeks ago but I'm glad I'm at 48kg now. My target for the month of August is to be at 55kg.

To those who wanna quit smoking too, start now! There's no better timing but now! You have to realize that smoking can do harm on your health and it damages our brain. For those who are experiencing depression and anxiety or panic attacks, don't be afraid as for God is with us. Our God is greater than our fears. Our God is stronger than any other. You're a son of God therefore you're strong! You're stronger than your fears and you can conquer any battle of life because Jesus is always on our side. Erase negativities, forget about your fears, be thankful for what you have and live life to the fullest. Stop smoking now! I am at your side, if you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me on Facebook: Vanity Room PH and I will listen and try to give advice. You're not alone and you'll never be. Break what fears you now!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now! 😊 ❤

God bless us all. 😊 😊😊

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