4 Reasons to Buy Samsung NX Mini

I'm just a simple guy who's always on the go and ready for any adventure. I always bring a small sling bag to fit my necessities for a certain event. Like my favorite Converse and Nike sling bags which you can usually see embracing my body on my photos on Instagram (@MjamesPerez) follow me! 😂 Today, I wanna make a short and simple review of the camera that I've posted on my social media channels and a lot of you have been asking for my thoughts about it. I cannot answer all your comments and private messages one by one so I hope to cover all you wanna know here in my mini review.


Samsung NX Mini Review (4 reasons to buy it)

Samsung NX Mini also known as the mighty mini because it is loaded with amazing features that you can use to shoot like a pro.



Sensor Size
13.2 x 8.8mm

Effective Pixel
Approx. 20.5 MP

Total Pixel
Approx. 20.9 MP

Color Filter
RGB primary color filter

Samsung NX-M Mount

Usable Lens
Samsung NX-M Lenses

Shutter Speed
Auto: 1/16000 seconds. ~ 30 seconds, Manual: 1/16000 seconds. ~ 30 seconds. (1/3EV step) Bulb (Limit time: 4 minutes)

WiFi ready, NFC and Micro SD Slot

Where to buy?
Samsung Stores nationwide

How much?

4 Reasons to Buy Samsung NX Mini

1. Ultra Slim and Stylish
Samsung NX Mini is the world's slimmest and lightest interchangeable lens camera. That's the first thing I love about this camera, it's so handy and sleek. I can carry the camera in my small sling bag or even in my pocket. By the way, it comes in five colors and I've got the white variant. Its plastic leather-like design makes it more classy and looks really expensive.

2. Perfect for Selfies

It has a 3 inches flip up screen that you can lift up to 180 degrees. It also has a wink shutter which is very helpful for me because I've got shaky hands and I'm having a hard time to press the shutter button sometimes. Thanks to Samsung NX Mini because with just a wink, I can take photos that are worth sharing. It also has beauty filters and self-timer that you might enjoy.

3. Tap to share

With Samsung NX Mini, you can capture an Instagram worthy photo and share it on the go. You heard it right! You can share your amazing photos on the go using NFC or WiFi. Make sure to download Samsung Smart Camera App on PlayStore and Apple Store it's free anyway.

4. Brilliant Detail
The Samsung NX Mini's super-sized 20.MP 1" sensor delivers an astonishingly high resolution images. You can see a more vibrant and crisp photos using Samsung NX Mini. Since this is an on-the-go camera, it has an auto mode and a lot of shooting options like Macro, Panorama and many more. Look:

Here are some sample shots using Samsung NX Mini:

All in all, I am enjoying my Samsung NX Mini. It's very user friendly and stylish. Perfect for bloggers and vloggers out there because of its flip up screen. I just hate the fact that it doesn't have a mic input and the lenses to buy are hard to find here in the Philippines. I know it's not the newest model from the Samsung' NX Series but I still get compliments from my friends and co-bloggers that I have a nice camera.

We're done! I hope this mini review helps even if I'm not so techie or a camera enthusiast. You deserve to hear from an ordinary user like me. 😄

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