4 Reasons to Visit The National Museum of the Philippines

Undeniably, our everyday life is being dominated by foreign influences. We might not observe it, but yes, it's true I am guilty and I admit that. I love playing Pokemon Go, watching Harry Potter again and again, reading my favorite foreign blogs, watching my favorite vloggers and so on. I'm sure you also have your own routine or favorites. That's fine and there's nothing wrong about it. It gives us joy, entertainment and satisfaction which is great because it relieves stress and deliver good thoughts to our brains.

But let's not forget that it's also good to allot even just a a piece of your precious time to know more about Philippines and appreciate local products, services, entertainment and so on. Wait, I am not saying that I'm the most patriotic person and I don't want you to feel that way. I have a lot of short comings for our country but I'm making sure that I'm taking time (during my free) to know more about our born place. There are many things that we can do to show our support and love for our country. You can listen to OPM Songs, buy local products, visit local tourist spots, watch Indie films or go to the National Museum of the Philippines.

The National Museum of the Philippines is the museum of the Filipino people. It houses the most important ethnographic, anthropological, archaeological, and visual artistry of our nation from the prehistoric period to the modern times. I've recently visited our National Museum and here are the reasons why you should also take time to visit.

1. It's FREE
You heard it right! Admission is free! A policy of free general admission has been established, effective July 1, 2016, by the Board of Trustees of the National Museum. This aims to spike significant viewership specially for younger Filipinos out there. The National Museum itself is making its way to get closer to you and it's your turn to make a move now!

2. Perfect for Photography and Selfies
Don't go to the museum if you just want a great location to take photos okey? Make sure to make your photos and selfies meaningful and post it proudly to influence other people to visit the Museum too. Please see to it that behind every photos you're taking is a new learning about our history. By the way, touching all the artworks in the museum is strictly prohibited. There's a certain distance if you wanna take photos and please don't try to mimic and make fun of the poses and images inside the museum. There's this one group who's making fun at one artwork and they were stopped by the museum's personnel. I found it so disrespectful, there's always time for jokes but not in the museum please.

3. Resurrect your Filipino blood

This is my main purpose why I decided to visit the museum instead of going to a movie date on our rest day. I wanna strengthen my patriotism because I'm guilty of supporting too much foreign stuff. I'm also curious to see the artworks and stories of our national artists, the fragments of their history, and the fruit of their success. I was literally amazed by the extremely beautiful artworks and my eyes were so busy can't decide which to look first. I've learned so much by just looking at the paintings like the evolution of medicine in the Philippines, the story behind Spolarium, the coronation of the Virgin Retablo during the 18th century, the Christmas card series and many more. Your Filipino blood will proudly flow because the pieces are astonishing.

4. Great Exercise
The museum itself is pretty huge and it's surely a great opportunity to walk not only you're exercising your heart and body, it also exercise our minds because of the new learnings and discoveries we are feeding to our memories.

Here are some photos that we took:

I forgot to say that before your go straight to the artworks, you need to sign the log book located at the lobby and deposit your belongings at the baggage counter. Firearms, food, bottled water, and ballpens are not allowed inside galleries and so smoking.

So there! Those are the reasons why you should visit the National Museum of the Philippines based on my personal opinion. I'm sure there are a lot of deeper reasons why you should visit but as I've said, it's my opinion and thoughts about it. 😊 I stepped out of the Museum full of joy and feeling renewed and relaxed. The National Museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

For inquiries you may call:
Museum Education Division
Telefax number: 527 0278
Email address: museum.education.nm@gmail.com
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