Relumins Professional Acne Clear Trio Review

As promised, I'm gonna share you my experience using Relumins Professional Acne Clear Trio. If you're following my blog, you know that I suffered from acne because of depression caused by nicotine withdrawal syndrome. Yes I just quit smoking and you can read my journey by "clicking here." It's been a month since I started using this amazing set so allow me to tell you my whole experience.

Relumins Professional Acne Clear Trio Review

Benefits of Authentic Relumins Professional Acne Clear Set:

Relumins Pro Acne Care formulas contain FDA approved acne medication that is clinically proven to be stronger and more effective than the acne medication in Proactiv.

Formulated with active botanical ingredients that work synergistically to fight acne at its source for long-lasting acne free skin! The set is also designed to reduce scarring and dark spots for naturally clear, healthy-looking skin.

Relumins #1 Ingredient - Salicylic Acid:
- Exfoliates
- Anti-inflammatory
- Reduces sebum
- Reduces clogged pores
- Soothes & calms skin
- Does not stain fabric like Benzoyl Peroxide (#1 ingredient in Proactiv) -source: FBS website

Where to buy?

Instagram: @flawlessbeautyandskin

How much?

I braved myself to use a soap for my face again. The Acne Clear Foam is so easy to consume that's why when I emptied the bottle, I skeptically tried the Acne Clear Soap. I told myself that this is it! Come what may! I was amazed because the soap feels so soft and gentle on my face.

Because it contains calamansi which is a natural bleaching agent, it lightens my pimple marks. Calamansi also helps in preventing bacteria to build up on our skin. Just don't over soak the product on your face. I allot 30 seconds to massage it on a circular motion. That should give me enough time to thoroughly cleanse my face.

The Acne Clear Foam works good too. When you pump the bottle, it will dispense a generous amount of foam that you can rub all over your face. I like the soap better though. It's so weird because I hate using soap on my face but I think I've found my holy grail facial soap. 😊

After cleansing, I love to moisten my cotton pad with Acne Clear Solutions. It stings a bit yes, it even smells like Maxipeel but it didn't make my face red and I didn't experience skin peeling. I just don't like its container because I'm having a hard time to control the amount of product I'd like to use because of its cap. But it helps in making my pimples dry faster.

My most favorite part is applying this Acne Clear Serum. I super love it because it's so moisturizing but it's not sticky at all. This time I like its packaging because it comes with a pump. I can control the amount of product plus it's super hygienic.

During my first week of using the set, I immediately saw visible results. My pimples dried up quickly. However, on  the second week, a lot of pimples sprouted all over my cheeks and forehead. I did not stop using the product. Just like any other pimple treatment, what I've experienced was a purging stage wherein the product is trying to release all the bacteria on my face. After that horrible stage, I've noticed my pimples are healing and drying so quickly. No new pimple sprouting, no annoying tiny bumps and no painful zits.

All in all, I must say that Relumins Professional Acne Clear Trio is super effective. I am still using the product until now and I will buy another set soon. I'll stick using this product until I have to try another one for review or for whatever reason. I am enjoying using this product specially the serum. I highly recommend Relumins Professional Acne Clear Trio to those who have mild to severe acne. This set will surely deliver great results and will make you more flawless. I'm receiving a lot of questions like: how to remove dark spots. Hey! Their Acne Clear Soap lightens my dark spots because it contains calamansi wohooo. Plus I am using a whitening cream with sunscreen which I'll make a review soon. I'll also try the Relumins Derma Roller very soon.

The only downside is it's a little expensive but I won't mind buying again because it works. I hate spending too much trying a lot of products ruining my bank account but not delivering significant results. With Relumins Professional Acne Clear Trio, you'll get what you paid for.

Yes! This is a sponsored review. Flawless Beauty and Skin sent me the Relumins Acne Clear Trio but the statement and views above were based on my experience and honest opinion using the product. My before and after picture justifies and speaks a thousand words.

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