Vastery Artistry: The Power of Makeup

I am not really good in putting on makeup. I only know the basics like putting on primer, bb cream and powder. Anyway, I only need the basic and I personally want that natural clean look in every occasion. Whenever I see before and after pictures being posted by the makeup artists and enthusiasts on social media, it makes me appreciate the power of makeup more. One of the promising names in the makeup industry nowadays is the Vastery Artistry. In this blog post, I'll show you some of their amazing creations and the people behind the Vastery Artistry.

Vastery Artistry

The people behind this rising name are Warner Castillo and Christopher Santos. They were both an HRM student so being artistic is in their nature. They've discovered their talent in doing makeup out of their hobbies. Both of them love sketching and painting so doing an art using face as canvas is a no brainer for them. They then decided to pursue their careers in the makeup industry. I had the chance to talk to them so I've asked them few questions while I'm watching them doing their arts:

WARNING: The questions are dramatic so prepare your tissues. (Just kidding! 😂)

1. What's the best thing in your work?

Vastery: "Ang pinaka masarap sa trabaho namin ay yung napapasaya namin yung client namin... Dahil naibibigay namin yun gusto nilang looks na nababagay sa kanila. At yung point na sa pamamagitan ng pag aayos namin. Natutunan namin na kumita ng sarili at nakakatulong din kame kahit konti sa aming pamilya."

2. What's the hardest?

Vastery: "Yung pinakamahirap siguro na point na dumating samin yung time na nag aayos kame. I mean yung baguhan palang kame nag aayos. Nanjan yung  iniisip namin kung pano mag multiply yung gamit namin sa pamamagitan lan ng kinikita namin. Hagang sa dumating yung time na nakumpleto namin sya at naging ok na ang lahat."

3. Any challenges?

Vastery: "Siguro yung pinakapagsubok na dumating samin ee yung Acceptance nang pamily namin sa propesyon na ginagawa namin. Nung una dumating yung point na nagulat sila bakit yuon ang kinakahiligan ng bawat isa samin na dapat ee ang pag focusan namin kung ano propesyon ang dapat para saamin. Nandoon yung point na nagtampo at nagalit dahil di daw naayon sa kasarian namin. Dahil parehas kameng lalake. Pero dumating din yung time na nakita nila na sa pamamaraan na iyon. Kumikita kame ng pera at napandadagdag namin na pang allowance pamasok yung kinikita namin. At kung merun man na pangangailangan samin nakakatulong kame sa paraan na dapat himihingi kame sa magulang namin duon nalang namin kunikiha sa ipon namin sa pag aayos... Hangang dumating yung time na nakita nila na ok naman pala. At ginagawa namin sa makabuluhan ang lahat. "

4. Why you'll still do the same thing tomorrow?

Vastery: "Patuloy namin ginagawa ito dahil parehas namin mahal yung trabaho namin at hilig namin ito. Sa pamamaraan na ipinapagitan namin si Lord sa trabaho namin at isat isa... At ang goal namin sa isat isa ay makilala kame sa maayos na trabaho with Good Character..."

I warned you guys it was a little dramatic wasn't it? 😄 Because I know that most of you are excited to see their creations, let's get started!

They're using both imported and locally available high quality makeup brands for their clients and making sure to exceed every client's expectations. The images shown above are the manifestation of their hard work and dedication as an artist. I personally love how they do their job and the way they help every clients to gain their confidences by means of enhancing each faces' natural beauty.

Feel free to contact Vastery Artistry at 09052121948 for your special occasions, pageants, photo shoots and so on. (Look for Warner or Topher). You may also message and follow them on Facebook to see more of their works by "CLICKING HERE."



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