Why am I Blogging?

Some people think that blogging is about wearing nice clothes, posting ootds, having a wonderful vacation, receiving new stuff from different brands, attending big events and so on. I even received a message from my childhood friend saying that I am now unreachable because I get to work with celebrities, I have the latest phone, I have a nice laptop, a great camera, and awesome clothes.

It makes me sad because some of the people only see the flamboyant side of blogging and I want to be honest that there’s really a lot of perks being a blogger. However, I want everyone to understand that we work hard for whatever we’re getting. It’s the fruit of our labor and the juice of our passion. We don’t get nice clothes, a new phone, an awesome camera, and a nice vacation with just a snap. How I wish it is that easy but no, it takes hundreds of sleepless nights, countless cups of coffee, layers of calluses on our fingers while we’re typing and writing just to post one great article while most of you guys are peacefully sleeping.

I just want to make things clear, I am not into material things and my #VanityFriends (loyal readers) know that. I see everything equally regardless of the price. Wearing branded clothes or local ones  they both make me look good and decent. Drinking Starbucks or Kopiko  They both make me awake. Taking pictures using dslr or smartphone  tells the same story. Writing on a Macbook or a netbook  expresses the same passion. I am a true believer that happiness does not come from the fancy things in this world. It’s a matter of appreciation of the things you already have and never ever compare yourself to others because you were born to standout.

At the end of the day, blogging is about expressing myself and the manifestation of my passion. An organization asked me; As a blogger, what can you contribute for the betterment of this country? It made me think deep and asked myself the same question. It may sound so selfish but I’m honestly writing because it makes me happy and I found writing therapeutic. Little did I know, while I’m doing the things that I love the most (writing/blogging), I am touching some people’s life. I’ve asked people on my social media channel to hear how my writing help them and their answers put me in tears:

I am really not aware that I’m influencing some people and I serve as an inspiration to them. I am not aware that because of my skincare reviews which some people say it’s a gay thing, helped me built few people’s confidence because they were a victim of bullying because of their looks. I am not aware that because I’ve posted my smoke-free life journey, I was able to inspire few people to quit smoking too. I am not aware that because I mirror my personality through my writing, I was able to make few people who are going through problems in life laugh and smile. I am not aware that because of my recent project with GMA Bloggers’ Style Camp, I was able to spread good vibes online and inspire other people to stop cyber bullying and choose heart over hate.

That one question from Lagawan.org and one question to my readers, made me realized the reason why I am blogging that through my writing, I can spread love and happiness to many people which they can also spread allover the country because I believe that love is contagious and it’s the most powerful tool for a happy personality, community and nation. I may not be able to make the entire Philippines better (even our president is facing the same challenge) but I will continue to write to touch more people’s life.

The bottom line of this article is to make people realize that being happy is not about having those fancy things. The key to happiness is first, find what makes you happy and use this passion to touch as many people as you can for the betterment of this country.

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