Top O Topical Oxygen Supplement Review

You know that my skin is super sensitive if you're an avid follower of this blog. If you're not, now you know haha. I am very picky with the products that I'm going to use and I always take an effort to read the ingredients just to make sure it's suitable for my not-so-beautiful sensitive skin hahaha. A friend of mine introduced me this Top O Topical Oxygen Supplement because it did miracle to her face.

Top O Topical Oxygen Supplement

What is Top O? Top O is literally a dissolved oxygen in a can. That's it! Yes! Dissolved Oxygen it is that simple but don't under estimate its capabilities because you might get surprised.

Ingredients: Dissolved Oxygen, Sea Salt, and Water

How it works?
The moment you spray a can of Top O on affected areas, it will release dissolved oxygen that will penetrate deep down to our skin and kill whatever pathogen is present there. Oxygen is a very powerful element. Little did we know, it plays a big role in maintaining a healthy skin. Even me was surprised by its powers. I've learned that oxygen helps repair tissues, stimulates cellular growth, and helps collagen synthesis. Same thing with Yoga, we want to deliver enough oxygen to our brains to reduce anxiety level, stress, depression and promote brain building hormone for a more healthy and happy lifestyle. I am personally practicing Yoga for the last two months and it helps me a lot.

Where to buy?
Watsons and Leading Drugstores Nationwide
Instagram: @topicaloxygensupplement

How much?
P375.00 per 80ml can

When I learned that it only has three ingredients (water, sea salt, and dissolved oxygen), I smiled from ear to ear because it's suitable even for a hypersensitive skin. I am pretty sure it won't cause me breakouts and irritations because it only has 3 ingredients. Hey! Who's allergic to water? To Oxygen and Sea salt? Hehehe. You don't have to worry because it has the same pH level as our tears so it's safe for our eyes.

Before using the product, I stopped putting on whatever on my face for two days and started using Top O alone. Yes, I just use my facial soap and this Top O everyday so I can see if the raves online and of my friend is true. Very timely because I just went out from the hospital and I had pimples on my forehead because of stress. On my first day, I sprayed Top O 2 to 3 inches away from my face in the morning, after lunch, around 4pm,  and  before going to bed. The next morning, (no exaggeration) my pimples dried up and flattened as in seriously and I caught myself smiling while slightly jumping out of joy. I documented a before and after picture here:

I continued using the product everyday following the same routine up until now and I've noticed that my face is getting better everyday. The tiny bumps on my jaw line were gone, and the redness around my ears disappeared too. I will continue doing the same routine everyday (just a soap and Top O), until I need to try another product for review. You know that I'm your guinea pig hahaha but surely, Top O is one of my must haves in my vanity cabinet.

I've had the privilege to talk to one of the Top O's representatives Sir CJ. Hello sir if you're reading this. I've found out that it took them 16 years before they've finally decided to launch it in the market. At first, they are creating the product for their personal use and as a gift to their close friends. It's also nice to know that their celebrity endorsers (Ronnie Alonte and Sophia Andres) are also users of the product even before they were contacted to endorse Top O.

I'm wearing April Skin SNOW Cushion here.
I have another friend and I've told her about Top O and to my surprised, she's also using Top O for her clients hair and sometimes as a setting spray for makeup because she's a makeup artist and according to her, because it contains sea salt, it adds volume to the hair. Top O can also be used for different skin conditions and diseases such as: Acne, Irritation, Rashes, Eczema, Skin asthma, Psoriasis, and insect bites. Wow! This is an all around spray that's safe even for babies' butt.

The things I don't like about the product is very minimal but let me tell you still. The product is a little pricey though I understand that you'll surely get what you pay for and it lasts long. I also wish they can produce bigger cans like the cans of hair setting sprays. I just personally want bigger variants of my favorite products haha. It doesn't help in skin whitening though I'm not expecting it to whiten naman because it doesn't have any whitening ingredients but it does help in making my skin glowing.

All in all, I highly recommend Top O Topical Oxygen Supplement to you guys specially if you're suffering from acne, any skin problems, or you just want a refreshing mist for your face. It's so effective, refreshing and non-irritating so this one's for the books.

Remember that it's always best to consult your doctor first if you have serious skin condition.  What's effective for me may not be effective for you so take my review as a guide not as a pattern. Take it with a pinch of skepticism! :)

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